Women are just as likely as men to need addiction treatment. However, not all women’s addiction treatment programs are tailored to the needs of women in recovery. Finding a program designed specifically for your needs and goals can help you heal from the effects of addiction and begin to rebuild your life in recovery. Often, female patients thrive in a women’s addiction treatment center. Soledad House, located in sunny San Diego, offers a supportive, welcoming environment where women struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues can begin to heal. If you find yourself asking is addiction treatment worth it, look not further than Soledad. Soledad House offers personalized addiction treatment services for every woman in our care. Through evidence-based therapies, sober living activities, and a strong network of support, you’ll be able to break free from drug and alcohol addiction and take your life back. Connect with our team today by reaching out to Soledad House at 866.314.3222 or by connecting with us online.

What to Know About Women and Addiction Recovery

women's addiction recoveryWomen who struggle with substance use issues are more likely than women in the general population to suffer abuse. Often, this abuse happens at the hands of men. While not the case for all women, some female patients feel less comfortable in a coed facility. During rehab, it’s vital that patients feel safe and secure. Patients should know that they’re protected. It’s only in this sense of security that patients can make progress and truly work toward recovery. This is just one of many reasons why so many women opt for women’s addiction recovery programs. In Soledad House’s supportive and peaceful environment, even women with a history of trauma can begin to open up. Our program participants are more likely to socialize, unwind in group settings, and take full advantage of recreation and fitness amenities. When our patients feel safe, they can make positive and meaningful changes.

Benefits of Our Women’s Addiction Recovery Programs

Women face unique struggles on the road to recovery. Women with children might have concerns about taking care of their loved ones while in treatment. They can also feel guilt and shame about others seeing them as weak or mentally unstable. However, our dual diagnosis treatment center offers a number of benefits for women who are in addiction recovery. These include:
  • Help from experienced therapists
  • Faith-based treatment programs
  • Extended care options for those with severe addictions
  • 12-step programs that patients can continue after treatment
  • A calm, tranquil setting near the beach
  • Outings, activities, and amenities to help patients feel comfortable and enjoy sobriety
Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, our team members can help. Reach out to Soledad House today to learn more about our programs and to verify your insurance.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

The best way to treat addiction is a comprehensive approach. It has to be about more than just treating the physical symptoms of addiction. Patients also need psychological, emotional, and mental support. Women may, as a whole, react better to certain forms of treatment. This allows women’s-only facilities to focus on gender-responsive treatment. Our therapists and treatment team members have experience in helping women work through the underlying issues that can contribute to addiction. Past trauma, mental health issues, and stress can all lead to substance use issues. Certain mental health conditions are also more common among women. It’s important to utilize a strength-based program so that women feel strong and confident enough to tackle their addictions head-on.

A Strong Network of Support in Group Therapy

In a 12-step program or any other form of group therapy, progress comes when participants can share freely and gain insight from their peers. In a women’s-only only program, participants can hone in on the issues that impact women most. You don’t have to open up about your struggles right away. You can take time to feel comfortable about sharing. However, once you can begin to talk about the challenges you’ve faced on the road to addiction recovery, you’ll be able to connect with others who might have shared similar experiences.

Reach Out to Our San Diego Treatment Center Today

Women can feel safe and secure at Soledad House. Is addiction a disease? The answer is yes, and therefore, at Soledad, addiction recovery is our priority. There are many ways to achieve the goal of sobriety. A few of the many approaches to recovery include the following:
  • Exercise therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Spiritual development opportunities
At Soledad House in San Diego, California, women can begin their journey to health and wellness. Addiction recovery is the number one objective, and a safe facility makes it all possible. Call 866.314.3222 or connect with us online for details on how you can take back control over your life today.