In order to recover from an addiction, abstinence from substance use is necessary. The best treatment centers understand that. That’s why Soledad House has a zero-tolerance policy. This policy is an effective way to help patients stick to their California addiction treatment plans.

Understanding the Zero Tolerance Policy

A rule of absolutely no tolerance means just what you might already expect. Any patient enrolled in an addiction program isn’t allowed, under any circumstances, to use drugs or alcohol.

A strict policy like this has two goals. The first is to add an extra layer of accountability and ensure that patients are recovering. The second is to ensure that no rogue patients can jeopardize the health and recovery of others.

Zero-tolerance isn’t just a guideline or a suggestion. Any patients in violation of this requirement will need to leave the program. The only way to ensure ongoing participation is to adhere to the policy and remain sober.

Benefits of a Strict Policy

Prospective patients should understand why a policy of no tolerance in California inpatient rehab is in their best interest. It doesn’t exist to penalize setbacks or make those struggling with addiction feel bad about their past choices. Instead, it’s in place to benefit all patients.

In the recovery process, even a small slip-up means reigniting cravings. All the withdrawal and detox work will have to begin again. Trying to participate in group therapy or individual therapy in Alpine, CA is useless if patients are struggling with severe cravings and discomfort.

Another benefit of the strict zero-tolerance policy is that it can actually increase the chance of successful recovery. Facilities with more lenient policies might be subtly telling patients that relapse is no big deal. On the contrary: It is a big deal. A strict policy reminds patients that staying sober is the ultimate goal. This policy aims to decrease the stages of relapse from occurring.

Above all else, a strict policy with no tolerance for substance abuse keeps the whole facility free from drugs and alcohol. No deserving, hard-working patient should see their sobriety at risk because a peer used drugs or brought certain substances to the facility.

Beyond Zero Tolerance

The zero-tolerance policy is only one vital step to help individuals achieve recovery. Soledad House’s setting provides a comfortable and trigger-free environment to encourage healing. Women’s addiction treatment programs in CA provide structured programs and therapy to keep cravings at bay. Some of the programs available include:

Rigorous Testing Ensures Compliance

Fully enforcing this policy requires more than just a code of honor. At Soledad House, regular and rigorous drug tests are a part of the program. With regular testing, we have no doubt that patients are remaining sober and abstaining from drug use.

For a number of reasons, patients may need to participate in drug tests in the future. This might be for work or for legal concerns. Getting familiar with the process can reduce stress and help individuals feel comfortable about it for years to come.

If you’re serious about getting sober, then a zero-tolerance policy is ideal. Contact Soledad House in San Diego, California to start taking steps toward a full recovery from addiction. Begin your journey to sobriety today by calling 866.314.3222.