A woman ponders her options regarding southern california treatment centersThousands of women get help for addiction at southern California treatment centers every year. The main reason for choosing a treatment center in southern California is the types of programs and therapies that these facilities offer. Specialists run the programs, and the services include evidence-based and therapeutic methods. Learning more can help you understand what to expect when you or a loved one seek treatment.

Types of Programs That Facilities Offer

In most cases, southern California treatment centers offer a variety of program types. The reason is that no two women will flourish under the same types of treatment. They need the right level of care for their specific needs. For instance, some women need continuous supervision, while others don’t.

Residential Programs

Inpatient or residential programs provide the most structure and supervision, which makes them ideal for first-time rehab clients. Medical care and support are available around the clock because the clients live at the facilities for the duration. Although some residential programs are 30 days, those that are 90 days or longer offer the most comprehensive care. They give women plenty of time to overcome drugs and underlying issues and to develop skills to avoid relapse. In addition, residential treatment provides a safe, drug-free environment in which women can focus on recovery.

Outpatient Programs

Southern California treatment centers also offer outpatient programs, which involve less supervision than residential care. However, the clients receive the same types of services. During outpatient treatment, clients can go to school and work as well as maintain their households. They only visit the facilities on scheduled days and for certain amounts of time. As a result, outpatient programs are more suitable for women who have completed treatment in the past. In fact, many rehab centers use outpatient care as a step-down treatment to help women transition into home life.

Aftercare Services

It’s important that anyone who seeks addiction treatment chooses a facility that offers aftercare. It’s foolish to expect women to transfer from a structured atmosphere to an unstructured environment without struggling a bit. Aftercare services give them support and continued treatment during the transition. Sometimes aftercare consists of private therapy or support group meetings. Rehab centers can help clients make arrangements for these services. Other times, sober living homes are the ideal option. These are homes where women in recovery live with peers in structured but flexible environments.

Therapies at Southern California Treatment Centers

The core element of addiction treatment is therapy. No single approach works for everyone, so rehab centers have to offer multiple options. Despite that, a few specific types of counseling are common offerings. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) emphasizes changing negative emotions and thoughts. The theory is that these aspects lead to negative behavior such as drug abuse. By changing them for the better, women can work towards more positive behavior patterns. CBT also teaches women skills to cope with and avoid triggers that could cause a relapse. Family therapy is another staple in southern California treatment centers. It involves helping the entire household heal from the addiction. Family counseling assists family members in rebuilding their relationships and improving the communication. It also teaches them how to resolve conflicts and support each other in healthy ways.

Quality Care at Soledad House in San Diego

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects millions of women, and Soledad House offers a safe place to recover. Our women’s addiction treatment center uses a spiritual, faith-based approach. However, we never force religion on our patients. We create a nurturing community that helps women like you succeed in recovery. At Soledad House, we’ll personalize your treatment plan to ensure that you get the services that you need. Our team will also evaluate your progress and make changes to your plan if necessary. We provide a range of programs and services alongside all of those above, including:
  • Relapse prevention
  • Christian rehab program
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Women’s drug rehab
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
Don’t let alcohol or drugs destroy your life. Choose one of the best southern California treatment centers for your recovery. Call 866-314-3222 for more information about how Soledad House can help.