There are many terms for describing addiction. One is “chemical dependency.” It’s important for people to fully understand what it means. Overall, learning about the disease itself, helps you decide whether you need rehab treatment.

A woman struggles with chemical dependencyWhat Is Chemical Dependency?

The term “chemical dependency” is one people and institutions use interchangeably with other terms.

For example, chemical dependencies might include:

Regardless of the name, chemical dependence is an addiction to a mood-altering substance. Those suffering from the disease no longer have the power of choice. Therefore, they’re unable to stop taking their substance of choice.

Who Falls Victim to Chemical Dependence?

Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate. Everyone who takes drugs is at risk of developing chemical dependence. Your religion, age, gender, or race doesn’t matter either. Anyone can abuse substances, and addiction can be fatal without treatment.

While anyone can develop an addiction, certain factors increase an individual’s risk. For example, growing up in homes where substance abuse was common can contribute to the development of the disease. Additionally, experimenting with drugs at a young age can make you more likely to develop a substance use disorder later in life.

Denial as a Defense Mechanism

Typically, people with a chemical dependence don’t want to stop using. They feel they can’t function without drugs or alcohol. That’s why many of them lie or cover up their addiction problems. In some cases, they trick themselves into believing they don’t have a problem.

Denial is a common defense mechanism for people struggling with addiction. Unfortunately, it keeps them from getting the necessary help. They can’t seek help if they don’t think there’s anything wrong. Therefore, it’s up to family and friends to make them aware of their addiction.

The Development of Other Mental Diseases

Overall, addiction is a mental disorder. Thus, once the brain develops one mental illness, it’s much easier to develop another. It’s important rehab centers address underlying conditions like anxiety and depression. Failure to do so can result in a future relapse.

Take Back Your Life at Soledad House

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