Men and women require different things during addiction rehab. Gender-specific programs address these individual needs to make the experience more effective for everyone. Often, finding the right women’s addiction treatment program makes all the difference. However, what should women look for in a quality rehab center?

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What to Look For in a Women’s Rehab Program

women's rehab programAfter learning the definition of addiction, women need to look for certain attributes when searching for a women’s rehab program. Beyond supporting women, gender-specific programs have a lot to offer. Overall, there are a few things you should look for in a rehab program for women.

A Focus on Spirituality and Recovery

Both men and women benefit from spirituality in their addiction recovery programs. Keep in mind that spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean religion, which focuses more on specific rules and doctrines. Being spiritual means people believe in something bigger than themselves. This higher power can be God or the universe, for example. No matter what it is, it helps guide women through the various phases of the rehabilitative process.

Therefore, the best women’s drug rehab centers work spirituality into their programs. Rather than force religion, they should encourage belief in a higher power. Regardless of what you believe, having faith is a great help in the recovery process.

Levels of Care

Even when women visit centers that focus on their needs, some require more time to recover. This is natural because everyone recovers at different rates. Soledad House offers extended care programs designed for women who need more support on the road to recovery. Longer programs give them more time to learn triggers and address the root of their addiction. Understanding triggers is crucial to avoiding relapse after rehab.

Extended care programs also help in many other ways. The many benefits include:

  • Learning how to transition into daily life with more accountability
  • Getting more time to build a support network they can count on after rehab
  • Building a network of counselors and peers for additional support
  • Having more time to learn the true meaning of addiction and how to overcome it

However, we also offer outpatient treatment programs that provide flexibility and support for women who are ready for more independence.

Holistic Treatment Options

A women’s rehab program must also include holistic treatment options. In addition to evidence-based treatments, holistic services reduce stress. Overall, less stress helps women recover more quickly. There are several great holistic options rehab centers offer. For example, exercise therapy gives women the opportunity to clear their minds during recovery. Additional popular services include meditation, yoga, and acupuncture.

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What is rehab like at Soledad? At Soledad House, we offer women’s rehabilitative services. Our programs focus on not only overcoming addiction but also relapse prevention. The diverse treatment methods we offer include:

  • Extended care
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Holistic treatment
  • Aftercare program

Soledad is one of the best rehab centers in Southern California. In addition to our evidence-based practices, we also provide numerous activities to enjoy. For example, we invite our guests to go surfing and to visit the beach. We also hold sober parties and visit nearby restaurants to get our clients out and about. Visiting places outside of the facility also gives patients the chance to interact with others. In an intimate environment, Soledad House ensures everyone receives one-on-one time with our staff. Our rehab center is also a short walk from the beach. In addition, we offer spiritual activities that help our clients get in touch with their higher power.

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