Addiction’s a complicated disease. You have psychological cravings. However, there’s also a physical dependency. So what does it take to overcome a drug habit?

Understanding the Mechanism of Addiction

A woman rings her hands and looks forlorn as she deals with physical dependencyAs a chronic illness, addiction affects the body as well as the mind. Physical dependency manifests when your body craves a substance. Even though the drug isn’t good for it, your body believes it can’t survive without it. You identify the strongest pangs as withdrawal symptoms.

Case in point is the woman with an alcohol use disorder. She wakes up with trembling hands and an irresistible craving for the substance. Until she takes a drink, the manifestations continue. Of course, using is the quickest way of satisfying the body’s urges.

Typical Symptoms of Physical Dependency

The signs of physiological addiction vary. Often, you may feel like you’re coming down with the flu. Gastrointestinal upset is also common. You’re shaky, sweating, and then freezing all within minutes.

As soon as you take the next fix, these symptoms subside. You start to feel normal again. Psychological addiction also ties into this process. You come to believe that the drug’s the answer to your emotional and physical needs.

Overcoming a Drug Habit

You start by ending the physiological addiction first. A good-quality rehab facility will put you in touch with an affiliated detox center. Detoxification is quick. It usually only takes three to ten days, depending on your health, length of drug use, and substance of choice.

Next, you move into the rehab facility. Comprehensive treatment ensures that you don’t go back to using. It helps you dismantle triggers and cope with stressors before they translate into cravings. Typical modalities include:

Should You Choose a Women’s Rehab Center?

The majority of rehab facilities are co-ed. Men and women pursue sobriety together. Unfortunately, a large number of them follow a male-focused curriculum. The facilities that don’t typically have a gender-neutral approach.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the best option for many women. Maybe you were a victim of physical or sexual abuse, codependency, or emotional battery. If so, you might do better in a women’s only setting. There, a female-centered curriculum provides a nurturing backdrop to bring out your natural strengths.

A good example of this type of addiction recovery is the Soledad House. There, caring therapists routinely work with women just like you who need help with overcoming substance abuse. Let them show you how to beat a physical dependency and then tackle your psychological dependence, too. Call 866-314-3222 today for immediate assistance.