Support systems are often the key to addiction recovery. Group therapy provides solidarity, accountability and often helps those struggling with addiction realize that they are not alone in their addiction. For many, a local 12-step program or regular group recovery meeting serves as the foundation to recovery at any stage of life. Local group meetings allow those in recovery to stay close to home and rebuild their lives from their community’s comfort and support. There are a wealth of group meeting recovery programs right here in Southern California.

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What to Expect in Recovery Meetings

Addiction recovery meetings and support groups provide a space of comradery and solidary pair with consistency to help build new life patterns and break addictive cycles. Often suited for those who are more independent, have a greater level of familial support, and who may not benefit from inpatient treatment or sober living at their current stage of recovery, group therapy can provide the following:

Studies show peer support is a key factor in recovery through practices of mirroring and solidarity in compassionate and understanding environments.

Addiction support groups thrive on a community of like-minded people. Studies show those struggling with addiction are less likely to use substances or engage in addictive behavior when they are engaged in a community that values sobriety. Similarly, support groups offer understanding and compassion to members who may feel judged by other social circles and communities in their lives.

Benefits of 12-Step Recovery Meetings

It’s no secret countless people find the addiction support they need every day through group meetings and 12-step programs. The key to successful recovery meetings is a safe and nurturing environment. For some, that might be a single-sex recovery group. Here are some advantages to single-sex 12-step programs:

A 12-step program provides a simple map to recovery with a manageable, daily commitment to sobriety. For many, the simple act of weekly meetings is exactly what they need to feel supported, seen, and heard during recovery. Through weekly meetings, people at any stage of addiction recovery find the support and inspiration they need without judgment in the comfort of their local community.

Begin Your Journey with Women’s Sober Living in San Diego

If you are looking for women’s-only recovery meetings and 12-step programs in San Diego, look no further than Soledad House. Our programs go beyond recovery meetings and range from residential to extended care and aftercare to ensure support beyond your time at Soledad House. Our Christian faith-based model combines traditional therapy with Christian teachings for a holistic healing experience. Whether you or a woman in your life is ready for a 12-step program or our other rehab programs, Soledad House is ready to help. Reach out online or contact us at 866.314.3222 today to speak with an intake specialist.