High-Functioning Alcoholic Signs in Loved Ones

In today’s society, the normalization of alcohol consumption has become increasingly prevalent, often overshadowing the harsh realities of alcohol addiction. The casual acceptance of social drinking can sometimes blind us to the more insidious aspects of excessive alcohol consumption, making it challenging to recognize when someone we care about is struggling with alcoholism. It’s essential […]

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Stigmas and Discrimination

Woman dealing with alcohol addiction stigmas and discrimination

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol addiction? We understand the challenges you face at Soledad House, a leading women’s recovery treatment center in San Diego, CA. One of the barriers to seeking help for alcohol addiction is the pervasive stigma and discrimination associated with it. In this article, we’ll explore the damaging […]

The Potential Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

woman alcoholic worried about alcohol withdrawal

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol addiction and considering detox? It’s important to recognize that alcohol withdrawal can pose significant dangers if not appropriately managed. We understand the importance of safe and effective detoxification at Soledad House, a leading women’s recovery treatment center in San Diego, CA. This article will discuss the […]

Narrowing Down Options for a Rehab Center in California


The size and scope of California’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation resources can be a blessing for those struggling with addiction. Simultaneously, narrowing down options for recovery treatment programs and addiction support groups can be overwhelming. There are both state and independently-run drug and alcohol rehab facilities across California ready to meet both the general and […]

Tips To Stay Sober During The Holidays

Mom cooking with daughter on the kitchen

The holiday season is commonly referred to as the most wonderful time of the year. However, for those in recovery, managing sobriety during the holidays can be challenging. Remember, there are several ways to enjoy celebrating the holidays with friends and family while staying sober. If you find yourself struggling in the coming months, rest […]

3 Signs of Alcoholism in a Loved One


The middle and end stages of an alcohol use disorder are difficult to hide. They present unique signs of alcoholism that those around the person suffering from the disease can see. It’s up to you to use this information for the sufferer’s benefit. Three symptoms generally stand out for someone dealing with the late stages […]

Is Alcohol a Drug?


Is alcohol a drug that’s been causing problems for you or someone you love? Are you on the fence about alcohol treatment because you think a recovery center only handles drug addictions to “real” drugs? You might be surprised to know that alcohol is a “real” drug. What Is A Drug? The most common definition […]

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

Does a family history of alcohol abuse put you at risk of following suit? Is alcoholism genetic or can it happen to anyone? If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction right now, you might be asking for the reasons why. In fact, there’s a variety of possibilities. Is Alcoholism a Genetic Disease? To be clear, so […]

Am I an Alcoholic?

Cultures around the world accept social drinking. This acceptance, however, could be why people overlook the signs of alcohol use disorder. Even when people wonder, “Am I an alcoholic?” they may rationalize or deny that they have a problem. Learning the signs of alcohol use disorder might help you decide to get alcohol addiction treatment […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you have decided to begin your journey to recovery, you’ll need to end your dependence on alcohol. The best way to do that is through detox. Detox will kick start your alcohol withdrawal and the related symptoms. Learn what to expect from withdrawal and how to proceed once the symptoms are gone. Withdrawal Timeline: […]