The size and scope of California’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation resources can be a blessing for those struggling with addiction. Simultaneously, narrowing down options for recovery treatment programs and addiction support groups can be overwhelming. There are both state and independently-run drug and alcohol rehab facilities across California ready to meet both the general and specific needs of clients and their families on the road to recovery.

If you or a loved one are looking for treatment in our beautiful San Diego CA recovery center, learn more about our Christan-based rehab programs at Soledad House today online or by calling 866.314.3222.

What to Look For in a Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehab centers offer tailored support for specific therapies and addictions across California. Often clients seek a women’s or men’s only facility for a more comfortable rehab community. Others prefer co-ed facilities from the perspective of both men and women in group therapy sessions. Whether you prefer a single-gender or co-ed experience, here are some other factors to consider when looking a rehab centers in California:

Family Support and Addiction Treatment

While there are many components to look for in a rehab facility, consider facilities that also allow your loved ones to best support your journey. Whether that means choosing a facility that is close to home, or one with minimal financial strain on your family, remember this is your journey, but they are along for the ride. Maybe this means getting away from home and seeking treatment in a beautiful location your family can visit or staying in a community where you feel comfort and support beyond your program.

Begin Your Recovery at San Diego’s Best Rehab Facility

Whether you or a woman you love is suffering from a prescription drug, heroin, alcohol, or other drug dependencies, the community at Soledad House can offer you a faith-based, holistic approach to healing. We combine Christian faith with state-of-the-art therapies, including EMDR, 12 step programs, behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy for women at any stage of recovery.

Our beautiful San Diego sober living facility can help women reconnect with their faith, one another, and ultimately themselves. Our support ranges from outpatient to post recovery programs to keep you on track beyond your time at Soledad House. If you or your loved one is ready for holistic, Christian faith-based rehab at one of California’s best drug and alcohol rehab facilities, reach out online or contact us at 866.314.3222 today for more information on our programs.