When contemplating what steps to take to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, there are many different facilities and treatment options available. If you are a woman struggling with addiction, you may find that a woman-specific drug rehabilitation program is right for you. Having a gender-specific program creates a safe and comfortable experience for you to express your true feelings and flourish in recovery. Individualized care is of utmost importance in recovery because a plan is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Various treatment modalities that offer help in issues that women solely face can help you greatly succeed in recovery alongside treatment that is designed to facilitate your unique life. No path to recovery is the same, which is why Soledad House, located in San Diego, California, is the best women’s rehab available to you.

At Soledad House, women can expect high-quality treatment alongside gender-specific care. All of the resources we offer at Soledad House are meant to facilitate lifelong recovery. Our comprehensive approach to treatment will help heal what was damaged by addiction. If you are a woman struggling with addiction and are ready to make lasting changes to your life, Soledad House is the best women’s program in San Diego. Reach out to us now at 866.314.3222 to find out more about what our amazing women’s drug rehab program can do for you.

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Women should always feel safe and comfortable, especially in treatment. If not, they may not make the necessary changes to facilitate a lifelong recovery. There are various opportunities for female support and encouragement by peers who are also in recovery. In a woman’s only rehab, the treatment programs are designed to meet the specific needs of women in recovery, maximizing the success they will have in long-lasting sobriety. At the core of our treatment modalities is the 12-Step program. Participating in the 12-Step program is yet another opportunity for women to open up and share their experiences in a group setting. Forming bonds in programs like this can create bonds that last long after leaving Soledad House. Our counselors are familiar with the specific needs that women face in addiction which can help treat specific problems easier. Rehab programs we offer at Soledad House include:

By offering several different drug treatment programs, Soledad House is capable to specifically curate a program that is designed to meet your specific needs.

Women’s Rehab in San Diego

Among our many different drug-specific rehab programs, we also offer various types of ways to participate at Soledad House. For example, some of our treatment program options we offer are:

After completing treatment, women often transition into a sober living program. By providing a structured environment, our sober living program at Soledad House reinforces the continued development of skills crucial for long-term sobriety. Sober living is a great way to constructively reenter society as a productive member.

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By offering every resource available to ensure a comfortable and meaningful experience in recovery, we aim to ensure that lifelong recovery is attainable to each woman who attends one of our programs. Our facility is designed to place a focus on happiness in everyday life. To find out more about the best women’s rehab facility in San Diego, call one of our highly skilled addiction specialists at 866.314.3222 to begin your journey in a life of freedom through recovery.