Most people abuse alcohol to induce euphoric effects. They usually seek this effect when trying to relax from the stressors of life or even when celebrating. Prolonged abuse of alcohol can cause changes to brain chemistry which inevitably leads to addiction. Research shows that women experience the negative effects of alcohol abuse more quickly and intensely than their male counterparts. This is because women’s unique body chemistry interacts with alcohol differently than men meaning the same amounts of alcohol will have a greater impact on women. Because of alcohol’s potential to change brain chemistry, quitting alcohol completely after prolonged use can be dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures amongst other life-endangering effects, so it is recommended to go through a women’s alcohol addiction treatment process in a safe, medically supervised setting.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcoholism and are thinking about what you can get out of a woman’s alcohol detox center, then call Soledad House now at 866.314.3222 to speak with one of our highly credentialed professionals. We specialize in women’s addiction treatment through understanding and addressing the unique issues that women face in addiction. By offering gender-specific treatment, we are able to pinpoint the appropriate plan needed to actualize a full recovery. Reach out today to begin reconstructing your life in sobriety.

What to Expect During Alcohol Detox

Alcohol withdrawal and detoxification is a major component to recovery. Most people who try to recover from alcohol withdrawal alone will typically turn back to alcohol to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. Having a medically supervised detox like the one we offer to women at Soledad House can safely lessen the dangerous effects of alcohol withdrawal. Once you can overcome the process of alcohol detox, you can begin your journey in recovery. Some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

Once they’ve completed detox, patients typically transition into rehab to continue the process of recovery. Women can expect an array of treatment methods along with comprehensive care at Soledad House, located in sunny San Diego.

Women’s Addiction Treatment at Soledad House

We focus on the whole person rather than their affliction with addiction at Soledad House. Providing a comfortable, safe and private women’s rehab enables a person to fully submerge themselves in their recovery. We strive to offer a wide variety of treatment models. By offering a comprehensive list of treatment and therapy options, our highly trained staff can custom-build programs that can actualize a full recovery. Our women’s addiction treatment programs and services include:

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These programs uphold our belief that achieving a sober life is possible for you! Our faith-based approach to recovery provides a nurturing community that supports your new life in sobriety in every way possible. Women who choose Soledad House in San Diego have support at every stage in their recovery. Our staff can teach you the tools necessary to regain control of your life after addiction. Our aftercare programs ensure that you have support long after you leave Soledad House’s rehab center. The goal at Soledad House is simple: to make sure our guests make lasting changes in their lives. Change is possible, and Soledad House is here to help you make it happen. Call one of our addiction specialists now at 866.314.3222 or reach out online today to start laying the foundation of a new life in sobriety filled with freedom and happiness.