Addiction recovery is a long process that often extends beyond the initial time in rehab. The months most individuals spend in this first step is small in comparison to the many years that can follow. For many of those in recovery, additional structures and support systems are needed to prevent relapse. One important program that fills this need is an aftercare program.

No matter what stage of addiction an individual is in, if someone you know is currently in need of treatment, you can reach out immediately by calling Soledad House at 866.314.3222.

The Biggest Benefits of Aftercare Programs

There are numerous benefits to an aftercare program—and the program plan will vary according to an individual’s needs and stage of recovery—but general highlights include:

1. Ongoing Support and Community

Both sober living and 12-step programs offer opportunities to create community with others who are on the path to recovery. Being around others who are working through the recovery process can create an environment of mutual understanding, bonding, and growth

2. Relapse Prevention

Leaving the structured, supportive setup of an addiction treatment center and returning to the previous settings of home and work life can prove triggering to many individuals and lead to relapses with addiction. By keeping in contact with peers, counselors, and therapists, an individual can receive help meeting the challenges of returning to old settings with a new mindset. A support team can also help a client cope with any cravings or feelings of stress that arise after leaving treatment.

3. Retain a Sense of Purpose

After leaving the initial facility that fostered a fresh start, having support from those that helped a client begin a journey towards recovery can be a reminder of and help strengthen a commitment to sobriety as well as provide a hand in meeting the challenges that come with it.

The Addiction Aftercare Programs at Soledad House

Here at Soledad House, located in the heart of San Diego, we specialize in women’s addiction treatment, which means that we tailor all of our programs specifically to meet the needs of women in recovery. We provide an ultimately healing environment that nourishes body, mind, and spirit. At Soledad House, women can find a safe space and a collaborative, non-judgmental atmosphere that honors the specific needs of women, including the unique goals and needs of each client when leaving treatment.

Our aftercare program includes an individualized plan at the end of the rehabilitation. Our options include sober living and 12-step programs. A sober living home is a home environment supported by the addiction treatment center. In these homes, a client can have a job, go to school, and visit friends and family. This type of living environment offers a safe space to come home to with support from peers who are also committed to sober living.

Alcoholics Anonymous was the first 12-step program. Since then, the model has proved so successful that many other 12-step programs now exist. Attending 12-step meetings gives the client the opportunity to hear advice and stories from others who are actively working on sober living. It also gives clients role models in the form of other attendees who have successfully stayed sober for years. Seeing that living sober is possible gives clients an incredible boost of hope to help them on their path to recovery.

Reach Out for a Fresh Start at Soledad House

A comprehensive aftercare program is a key part of a successful recovery process. The path to recovery deserves a therapeutic approach and a facility as unique as each individual. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out immediately. Call Soledad House at 866.314.3222 to learn more.