Drug Addiction Treatment


There are many types of programs for drug addiction treatment. Regardless of the type of program you enter, you need an individual addiction treatment plan. This plan will include the best methods for your own recovery, according to your interests, health, and drug abuse history. Your treatment plan is your clear road map to a life of sobriety. To learn more about our addiction treatment services, contact Soledad House today at 866.314.3222.


Do you need drug addiction treatment?

Before you enter drug addiction treatment, medical and behavioral professionals will help you clearly understand if you need help. There are several key signs they will look for, including:
  • You can’t stop using drugs, even if you want to
  • You don’t fulfill your responsibilities
  • Drug withdrawal starts when you don’t use drugs
  • You’re physically tolerant to the drug
  • You use the substance compulsively, despite knowing it’s bad for you
Not all of these points must be true for you to need drug addiction treatment. In addition, not all drugs lead to tolerance or withdrawal. You can even have an addiction without it affecting your life for a while. But if some of these points describe you, you should consider drug treatment.

Drug Treatment Options

A good starting place for many people who need addiction treatment is either an inpatient or outpatient program. Health and behavioral specialists will screen your individual needs before you enter a program, so you can make the right choice for your best chance of recovery. Then your doctors, addiction counselors, and therapists will build a plan for your treatment in the chosen program.

Program types that Soledad House offers include:


Inpatient treatment provides the most safety, security, structure, and supervision. First, though, you’ll go to detox. Once that’s complete, you’ll enter the residential facility where you live for an average of 30 or more days. This type of program offers the highest chance of long-term recovery success.


Outpatient programs enable you to receive treatment while continuing to work, go to school and take care of your family while living at home. If you have great support at home and need to maintain responsibilities, this may be the program for you. But outpatient is not a good choice if you are highly vulnerable to relapse.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs combine the structure of daytime inpatient rehab, with a return home at night for sleeping, like outpatient. You can still work or go to school during IOP, but must follow the tighter structure of your program.

Sober Living

Sober living is a bridge between residential treatment and your own home. In sober living, you still have the support of peers and guidance of professionals while practicing life and coping skills.


Aftercare programs are unique to each rehab facility. But most of these programs have common threads. For example, a typical aftercare program includes 12-step programs, ongoing therapy, family counseling and alumni events. Alumni events of aftercare give you the opportunity to meet with peers from your rehab, compare stories of recovery and continue learning.

The Right Drug Treatment for You

When you need drug addiction treatment for an addictive personality, it’s important for you to find the right program for your individual needs. Soledad House in San Diego, California provides women’s treatment services. Soledad House offers a variety of programs and benefits, including:
All of these programs feature a 12-step foundation for structure in your recovery. Located only two minutes from the beach in San Diego, Soledad House is a sunny, welcoming, and safe environment for growing strong in your recovery. If you’re ready for drug treatment in a safe all-female environment, call Soledad House at 866.314.3222. You can gain the better life you want, with Soledad House’s help.



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