The holidays can be especially hard for those in recovery. Parties, family, financial strain, and exposure to social drinking can be overwhelming. Holiday parties and family gatherings can feel stressful for those seeking a sober holiday through a sober living program or other sobriety programs. With the support of others in sober living programs, those struggling to stay sober this holiday season can find tools to keep sobriety as their top priority through winter.

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What Is Sober Living?

Residential sober living is a program many attend after inpatient rehab. Sober living is often a community home run by a house monitor. This person is often an addiction counselor who monitors house behavior while helping individuals adjust to life outside of rehab. Sober living homes provide a safe transition space without access to addictive substances. These houses provide rules and structure to keep people sober. Over time, those in sober living build their own schedules and are more comfortable saying no to drugs and alcohol when they return home.

Outpatient sober living is a dedication to staying sober at home. For many, transitioning from rehab to home life can be hard. Alumni programs and 12-step programs can help those in transition handle returning home. Sponsors can offer tools to help avoid situations involving drugs and alcohol, relapse triggers, and how to address friends and family during social events. Alumni programs offer practical support and first-person experience to help navigate sobriety.

5 Ways to Stay Sober Holiday Season

The holidays are stressful. They are also a time of merriment and celebration, often including alcohol. For those looking to stay sober this holiday season, here are 5 tips:

Stick to Sober Events

Whether it is a family event, you ask to remain sober or a party for those in recovery, stick with a sober event to limit exposure to drugs and alcohol.

Throw your Own Holiday Party

Keep sobriety in check by throwing your own sober event. With control of the guest list, you can exclude people who may trigger a relapse.

Stay in Touch with your Sponsor

Whether you have an alumni program sponsor or a 12-step sponsor, stay in touch over the holiday season. You’ll feel more supported in your sobriety.

Stay at Home

Take some time to yourself and skip major events that might lead to relapse. Watch movies, read books, and spend some time with yourself. You might just find you don’t miss the festivities.

Go Out of Town

Skip the holiday parties and go away for a long weekend somewhere you don’t feel the urge to engage in social drinking or drug use. Visit a place you’ve always wanted to go.

Sobriety is a choice that affects you and everyone else in your life. If you’re struggling with sobriety this holiday season, know you are not alone. Take this opportunity to notice who in your life is supporting your sobriety and who isn’t. Now may be the time to end toxic friendships and leave relationships that don’t support your recovery.

Get Support This Holiday Season with Sober Living at Soledad House

The holidays are hard for everyone. Whether you or a woman in your life are struggling to stay sober this holiday season, Soledad House is here to help. Our faith-based women’s rehab center can offer the support you need to put sobriety first. We know the best way to stay sober is to surround yourself with others who put their faith in healthy, sober living and a higher power. Our drug and alcohol detox and recovery center in beautiful San Diego, CA, can help you or your loved one regain control of your life. We use EMDR and various types of talk therapy to help women process addiction and overcome dependency. Call us today at 866.314.3222 to learn more about sober living with Soledad House.