Women in sober living homes at Soledad HouseSober living homes provide special living environments for people who want to stay sober. Experts initially used them to provide safe and supportive places for people to spend their first month in recovery. However, now people can remain in sober living houses for several months. Although not everyone has to live in sober living homes, those who do can take advantage of many benefits.

Smooth Transition

Moving out of rehab and directly back home can cause stress for many people in recovery. Returning to school, work, and social circles will only compound the stress. This transition means that they go from living in a safe, supportive environment to living a normal life.

Sober living residences are a sort of middle ground that smooths this transition. Those in recovery get support from their rehab centers as they go back to school or work. However, the structure and security measures are less strict so that they can gradually adjust to normal life. It gives them time to apply the skills that they learned during rehab to real-world situations before they forego expert help.

Structured Lifestyle

Despite having a less strict structure than rehab, sober living houses still keep those new to recovery organized. Rehab staff, who could also be in recovery, usually live in the houses to provide 24-hour support. They help the residents get into the flow of balancing recovery and real life.

Additionally, sober living programs require semi-regular drug testing to make sure that everyone remains abstinent. Curfews, chores, and mandatory meetings are part of the structure, too.

Rules and Consequences

Sober living environments also provide accountability with rules and consequences. One of the biggest rules is that those in recovery don’t use alcohol or drugs. Sober residences have a zero-tolerance policy for substance use. Rehab centers often kick people out for violating this rule.

Having a job or going to school is another major requirement. At the very least, the residents have to actively look for employment. Other rules include attending regular support group meetings and paying rent. The rehab centers enforce discipline for violations.

Social Support

The support that people in sober living houses give each other is an overlooked benefit. They commonly feel isolated when they leave the community atmosphere of rehab to return home. They build strong support systems during rehab, so it’s important that they can still get that support as they transition.

Studies even show that the social factor of sober living is a crucial part of successful recovery. Most people who take advantage of this benefit experience long-term sobriety.

Look for Sober Living Homes for Women

At Soledad House, we provide sober living residences for women who are in recovery. This program is part of our mission to provide comprehensive treatment that promotes lasting sobriety. Before sober living, our clients have access to residential rehab. Our spectrum of other women’s addiction treatment services includes:

Don’t take on unnecessary stress by returning home too soon. Let us continue to support you in our sober living program. Reach out to us now at 866-314-3222 to learn more.