After going through detox successfully, your main goal is to keep on track with your sobriety goals. Preventing relapse is a critical goal for you if you are on the recovery path. Some people may think that once they go through an addiction treatment program that they’ll never be tempted to drink or use drugs again. However, staying sober is a task requiring much work and planning, and often professional support from a relapse prevention program in California like Soledad House.

Preventing Relapse

There are several things you can do to ensure that you stay sober long-term.

  1. Don’t get too overconfident
  2. Remember to connect with a treatment plan
  3. Understand your triggers

It is exciting when you complete a detox treatment plan. The exhilaration that comes with getting through this difficult and challenging time is real. You may feel like you can conquer the world and do anything. At the very least, your overconfidence can make you less on guard.

At the same time, you don’t want to lack confidence altogether because you may feel like you can’t accomplish your goals of a sober life. The fact is that you can achieve sobriety now and in the future with the right balance of confidence.

Even after your detox treatment program, you still benefit from a continuing treatment plan. This will help keep you accountable to someone and also help you stay on track with your sobriety goals. A rehab treatment plan will include therapies that help you dig deep into the reasons behind why you used a substance in the first place and keep you on track. Some of these therapies include:

You may not realize the challenges posed by relapse triggers, and this can lead to a relapse. It’s critical to know how triggers work and what your unique triggers are.

After you complete the detox program, situations and emotions will trigger a desire to start using drugs or alcohol again. Everyone has different things that will trigger them because we are all different. What may trigger you may not trigger another person and vice versa. Some things that could potentially trigger you include:

When dealing with a trigger, it can feel overwhelming if you aren’t aware of what’s happening. If you are prepared for the fact that you will have triggers, you can better avoid them or fight them off.

Get Help for Relapse Prevention at Soledad House

As you proceed forward in your life of sobriety, take heart knowing that you can lead a healthy life without substances. If you are careful in preventing relapse by taking the appropriate steps, you will have peace of mind. At Soledad House, we are here for you as you travel this road of healing and recovery. We understand that staying sober is a full-time job.

Through our evidence-based treatment programs, you can be prepared for and overcome relapse triggers. We will put you on the right path to success through a quality treatment program. Some of the treatment programs we offer include:

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