Addiction is one of the most misunderstood illnesses that many people don’t actually view as a legitimate illness. As someone who doesn’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s difficult to understand what’s happening. Most people are capable of recreationally drinking or using drugs without having it affect their lives. There are others who embody the addiction definition, which is continuing to use or drink, despite negative consequences. After defining addiction, recognizing it in yourself or others, it’s time to seek professional help from a women’s rehab program in California.

Understanding the Pleasure System and Addiction Definition

Although humans are intelligent, rational beings, we’re still not all that different than very basic creatures. There’s a part of the brain responsible for seeking out pleasure and avoiding pain, and it’s our most primitive instinct. Humans, as well as nearly every other species, need this part of the brain to remind us where to find water when thirsty and food when hungry. The issue with this part of the brain is that it starts seeking pleasure during negative situations, which can result in addiction. The difference between our prefrontal cortex and other species’ is the strength and decision to seek help.

Most people have bad habits, but those with addictions turn to substances that can tear families apart and be fatal. Many people develop addictions because they turn to drugs or alcohol for pleasure when feeling down. These substances give them a large boost of dopamine, so individuals keep turning back to substances to feel good. Those who are most susceptible to addiction through this method often have an abnormal prefrontal cortex.

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for:

Lack of Impulse Control

Another issue that the addiction definition covers is a lack of impulse control. When individuals develop an addiction, drug use is no longer a habit. Instead, it becomes an illogical, compulsive behavior. A person who develops a heroin addiction, or one to any other substance, is acting purely out of survival instincts. This is why so many people want to quit but are unable to do so. The idea of not having a drink or using drugs sounds good in theory, but there are mental blank spots when craving hits. If you or a loved one fits into the addiction definition, please seek help from many addiction treatment services including:

Overcoming Addiction

Women’s addiction treatment in San Diego can help you begin healing your mind, body, and soul if you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol. No matter how low you’ve sunk in your addiction, treatment can help you recover and live an incredible life. You’ll find that through different types of addiction therapy in CA, you can overcome your compulsive need to drink or use drugs. During your time in treatment, you’ll learn that you’re not a bad person, but you suffer from a serious illness.

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