No woman has to overcome addiction solo. At Soledad House, you can get the targeted support you need in a welcoming, friendly recovery community. Having an addiction therapist specifically for women means that therapy can focus on the issues that matter most. Explore how addiction therapy and a psychotherapy program in California can make a difference in your journey to recovery.

What Is an Addiction Therapist?

a woman meets with an addiction therapist for womenAn addiction or recovery therapist is sometimes known as a substance abuse counselor or even a recovery specialist. Although the title and training can vary, a therapist is ultimately someone who wants to help clients overcome addiction. An addiction or recovery therapist might start by giving a client a diagnosis as well as a treatment plan.

Next, a therapist can start to explore some of the underlying issues that clients are facing. Addiction isn’t always a standalone illness. In fact, it can often be the symptom of a larger problem like PTSD or bipolar disorder.

A therapist will also spend lots of time talking with clients. This can happen in a one-on-one environment, but it also involves group therapy. In short, a therapist provides support, understanding, and guidance to clients who are working to overcome addiction once and for all.

Why One-on-one Therapy Matters

An addiction therapist for women can be a great sounding board for clients in rehab. Although peer support is valuable, clients often want to spend time communicating with an expert. A therapist who understands addiction and the recovery process will be able to answer questions and give professional advice.

The one-on-one environment is also a huge benefit to clients who are nervous about sharing in front of larger groups. This is perfectly normal, and certain issues are difficult to discuss with peers. If a client has concerns about motherhood, marriage or sexual assault, the intimate therapy environment is the right time to share. A great addiction therapist for women will ensure that clients feel safe when they open up and discuss their worries, fears, and hopes for the future.

Finding a Therapist Who Can Help Women

The relationship between an addiction therapist and a client can be very personal. It can also become a crucial part of the rehab and recovery process. Many women, however, don’t want to open up to just anyone. Instead, they want to be sure that their therapist is trained and committed to their recovery.

One great way to hone in on a professional and kind addiction therapist is to start at a high-quality recovery center. At Soledad House, all the therapists have vast experience working with female clients who are struggling with addiction and other related issues. As a result, you can know that these therapists have the expertise to be serious about your recovery. The ideal behavioral therapist for women understands co-occurring disorders, has plenty of experience and sees therapy as a vital part of a holistic recovery strategy.

When to Incorporate Therapy Into Your Addiction Recovery

Addiction therapy can accomplish a lot as you work toward lifelong sobriety. First, it can be a way to learn more about the recovery process. If recovery seems overwhelming at first, therapy can make it easier to understand.

Once you’re settled into rehab, therapy can be a way to dig deeper. It can help clients explore underlying issues. Plus, addiction therapy can help clients plan for the future. This might include putting together a relapse prevention plan or coming up with coping mechanisms for the years to come.

Once clients are in aftercare programs or sober living facilities, therapy can still be useful. Many clients opt to meet with an addiction therapist on a regular basis to stay on track.

Addiction Therapy and More at Soledad House

If you’re looking for an addiction therapist for women, look no further than Soledad House in California. Clients can look forward to a holistic recovery along with plenty of effective therapies, just some of which include the following:

The right addiction therapist can help clients tear down walls and start working toward a lifetime of sobriety. At Soledad House in San Diego, California, professional therapists are just part of the support team. Call 866.314.3222 to begin your journey to health, happiness, and freedom from addiction.