Have you ever wondered why you experience intense emotional highs on some days and severe lows on others? Have you asked yourself, “am I bipolar?” Extreme mood swings from day-to-day could mean that you have bipolar disorder. Definitively answering the question “am I bipolar?” can be difficult. Get a screening from a physician — if you have bipolar disorder, seek treatment at Soledad House

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder causes extreme changes in an individual’s energy and mood level. Bipolar disorder causes a person to go from having a lot of energy or positivity one day to having no energy and feeling depressed the next. Sometimes this mood swing happens within hours and not between days. Bipolar disorder shifts are more severe than regular mood changes and impair a person’s behavior and thought process. 

If you stop functioning due to daily mood swings, it’s time to ask, “am I bipolar?” According to the National Institute of Mental Health, at least 2.8% of American women have bipolar disorder. More than 80% of bipolar disorder cases are severe. Treating the disorder early is essential, allowing people to function in their day-to-day lives. The more severe bipolar disorder becomes, the less functioning the affected individual becomes from day to day. 

How Do I Know Whether Am I Bipolar?

In this mood disorder, you suffer the lowest of lows and the highest of highs on a manic cycle. Mania is the high energy phase with an elevated mood. This upswing lasts days, weeks or months before cycling back to depression. Although you feel happy on the surface of your mania, this condition causes grave risk to your well-being and even your safety.

If you’ve asked “am I bipolar?”, see if you exhibit symptoms including:

Other signs to consider when asking “am I bipolar?” include: 

Energy and emotion do not correlate in bipolar disorder patients. For instance, some women feel deep despair and hyper-energetic at the same time. Conversely, some people feel joy and profound lethargy at the same time. 

Treating Bipolar Disorder Treatments Available for Bipolar Disorder

Since there are various types of bipolar disorders, the treatment options will be different. Soledad House tailors treatments according to your bipolar diagnosis. We also offer other services that help calm your condition. These women-only services include:

Our location, just two minutes from the beach, provides an idyllic, tranquil setting. Soledad House addresses women’s unique issues in a safe, supportive space. Soledad House offers women a variety of therapies and programs to overcome their mental health and addiction issues. If you’ve asked yourself, “am I bipolar?” and think the answer is yes, reach out for help. Contact Soledad House online or call at 866.314.3222 and start your bipolar disorder treatment today.