Did you know that women are more likely than men to abuse substances to cope with relationship problems? Why, then, would you seek out drug addiction help that doesn’t consider this situation? Gender-specific rehab is the answer for women who are using but want to quit. To learn more about the advantages of getting drug and codeine addiction treatment at a women’s treatment center, contact Soledad House today. Here is what you need to know about getting help today.

Looking for a Comprehensive Care Setup

Far too often, people think of addiction as only a physical problem. In part, this is true because the signs and symptoms of substance abuse take on a physiological nature. But there’s also a spiritual component as well as a psychological one. Only a facility that combines treatments on all these planes can provide you with the expert care you need.

Getting Gender-Specific Drug Addiction Help is a Good Choice

An individualized treatment plan that operates within the context of your life as a woman makes sense. This level of care incorporates an understanding of economic concerns, cultural issues, relationships, and available support systems. Experts in the field put together gender-responsive treatments with modalities such as:

Part and parcel of effective drug addiction help is the availability of extended care. Within this treatment model, it’s okay if you don’t hit all the benchmarks within 30 days. For some, the development of self-esteem and care takes longer. For others, there’s the need to deal with traumatic events that simply don’t happen in a short month.

When you combine extended care with an aftercare program, this setup gives you the chance to heal comprehensively. You don’t have to transition back home if you’re not ready. And you don’t have to worry about dealing with triggers and stressors you’re not equipped to handle yet. In fact, aftercare is an excellent opportunity to build your support network.

Soledad House Offers a Helping Hand

The combination of evidence-based treatments with gender-informed delivery methods provides hope. You may have tried rehab before in a co-ed setting and felt lost. Here, you’ll fit right in. There’s no need to work with a curriculum and treatment schedule that favors a male clientele. Instead, you experience how to leverage your gender strengths to your advantage.

At Soledad House, we’re proud to provide exceptional treatment to each woman who walks through our doors. We offer treatment based on the needs of women just like you, who have fallen into addiction and need help taking control of their life again. We offer a wide variety of treatment options to give each woman the care and support she needs to fully recover from addiction. Our treatment options include:

Experience the advantages of substance abuse treatments in a women-only setting. When you’ve had enough of your old life and the drug abuse, there’s hope. Caring therapists help you to overcome chemical dependency and learn how to live sober. To learn more about your treatment options at Soledad House, or to get immediate assistance, contact us today at 866.314.3222.