Addiction affects everyone differently, but it can be especially problematic for someone with a co-occurring disorder. The best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Southern California can provide the appropriate care so that anyone dealing with depression or anxiety — on top of her dependency — can attain the proper support.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Two women discuss dual diagnosis treatment centers in southern californiaDual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is the combination of drug and alcohol dependency along with a mental health disorder. While addiction is damaging enough on its own, when it’s coupled with panic disorder or bulimia, it requires specialized treatment.

Common mental health issues that rehab facilities may see in clients with addiction include:

Which comes first — depression or addiction? In many cases, it’s not clear whether someone develops a mental health problem or substance dependency first. However, what is clear is that a person may self-medicate with alcohol to cope with negative feelings. Or, she may also develop anxiety disorder as her addiction worsens.

It’s not enough to treat one or the other when it comes to co-occurring disorders. You must address both at the same time for treatment to be effective. Otherwise, it’s all too easy for someone to sink back into substance abuse because her depression was never addressed.

What Do Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Southern California Offer?

In southern California, you have many rehab options. However, to get the most effective treatment, choose a facility that provides dual diagnosis treatment if that’s what you need.

You can have a rich, rewarding experience in this gorgeous location. Some facilities are near the beach, giving you the chance to begin recovery in a peaceful setting. Imagine how calming your days will be with the sound of the ocean as a constant backdrop.

No matter what time of year it is, you’ll enjoy the moderate Southern California climate. Starting recovery in this naturally beautiful setting can be rejuvenating as well as motivating.

The Treatment You Need in a Tranquil Environment

Are you looking for qualified dual diagnosis treatment centers in southern California? Consider Soledad House, a women’s-only facility in sunny San Diego. Just a two-minute drive from the Pacific Ocean, our rehab center provides a safe, supportive environment for women overcoming drug and alcohol abuse.

The women’s addiction treatment therapies we offer include:

In residential or outpatient rehab programs, you’ll start to uncover deep-seated issues you need to tackle to overcome your addiction. In addition, as your recovery progresses, you’ll learn positive coping skills that you can use for life.

Are you ready to leave drug and alcohol addiction behind? Then call us today at 866.314.3222. Our compassionate team is ready to start you on the path to lasting recovery.