You need help. You’re struggling with an alcohol use disorder or have a drug problem. How do you find the right addiction treatment centers that meet your needs? Your drug addiction rehab care questions — answered!

Look for a Focused Setting

Some drug treatment centers try to be all things to all people. That’s just not possible. Cases in point are co-ed facilities that provide classes and care for men and women. Due to genetics, socialization, and societal expectations, men and women are different.

It’s impossible to provide the same care to both genders and expect to have good results. Women, in particular, have a difficult time in co-ed settings. For starters, many have suffered at the hands of men with drug or alcohol abuse problems. When these women now try to achieve their own recovery, they’re facing the types of men they’re trying to overcome.

A focused setting commits its facility and staff attention to serve either men or women. Curricula and therapy sessions feature gender-informed content. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you receive a customized treatment approach that takes your needs into account.

Search for Drug Treatment Centers with Multi-Faceted Healing Approaches

Drug abuse doesn’t just affect your body or only your mind. In fact, it affects your mind, spirit, body, and soul. For this reason, you need to undergo a multi-faceted recovery program that understands your need for healing. There are man excellent modalities that can help you achieve health in each aspect:

Fun Should be Part of the Experience

One of the aspects of a successful addiction treatment program that many people overlook is fun. The goal is to learn how to enjoy life in sobriety. Doing so during rehab helps you to relearn how to party and have a good time without drugs or alcohol. Do things that you previously only undertook when high.

Many times, women need to relearn what it’s like to spend time with others but not use. Case in point is camping. Far too often, this activity used to mean bringing alcohol or drugs. It makes sense to practice how to have sober fun at a campout.

Where Do You Find This Level of Care?

A women’s only facility is a good start for getting the care you need. Next, the center should feature multiple evidence-based therapeutic approaches to recovery. Finally, there needs to be some fun in the program. It’s a great way of practicing relapse prevention techniques while still at the facility.

At Soledad House, you find all these programs — and more. If you’re currently struggling with a drug problem, there’s help. Stop suffering in your addiction. Call 866-314-3222 now to learn more.