You know you need drug and alcohol addiction treatment, but you’re just not sure how to find it. What addiction treatment under your insurance is available to meet your needs? How do you get started? Payments and insurance for rehab can all seem so complex. That’s where our team at Soledad House comes into play. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure you get access to the type and level of support you need at our San Diego women’s rehab center. If you are seeking Aetna rehab insurance coverage or coverage from a similar insurance provider, contact Soledad House today at 866.314.3222 to learn more about the policies we are in-network with and to have us verify your insurance.

Addiction Treatment Under Your Insurance – Do You Have Coverage?

Most health insurance plans in the U.S. now provide coverage for mental health needs. That often includes addiction treatment. Federal laws state that any insurance policy sold on the Healthcare Marketplace must treat mental health the same as it would any other disease or condition. That means providing the same type and level of coverage. This does not mean the policy has to cover all of your costs or that payments and insurance for rehab is set at a specific dollar amount.

It’s up to you to do some investigating to determine what your insurance options are. You can do this by contacting your insurance carrier, one of the most direct options. If you go this route, be sure to ask the right questions:

Get Payments and Insurance for Rehab Information Through Us

Insurance can be complicated. For women’s addiction treatment under your insurance, reach out to our team at Soledad House. Let our professionals talk to you about what type of care you may need. Then, we’ll work with you and your health insurance company to determine if our services are covered and, if so, how much coverage you have. When you allow our professionals to handle this, you can be sure you get the best level of protection and coverage possible – we aim to use your benefits to give you the best level of care available.

In addition to addiction treatment under your insurance, our team can provide you with insight into the payments and insurance for rehab additional expenses you may have. We ensure there is ample transparency when providing you with insight into your plan as well as the type of treatment you need. Our goal is always to ensure you get the level of care you need, most importantly, to overcome your addiction for good.

Learn About Our Therapy Options to Get Started

One of the ways our team can help you with addiction treatment under your insurance is by providing a wide range of flexible service options. That means we can work with your insurer to give you the highest level of support available. At this point, you may not know what type of treatment you need. That’s okay. Learn more about the services we offer, and then reach out to our team to get details on your insurance coverage for them. We offer services such as:

Make the Decision to Get Help Today – Call Soledad House

At Soledad House, we provide comprehensive treatment for your addiction. That includes a range of therapies and program options. To learn more about addiction treatment under your insurance and if we cover it, give our team a call. We can also discuss payments & insurance for rehab. To learn more, call 866.314.3222 or reach out to us online.