How to Bounce Back from Relapsing

exercise to bounce back from a relapse for your mental health

Relapses can be a part of the journey, and knowing how to bounce back from them is crucial. Soledad House is here to provide you 3 steps to take during a relapse

How to Have a Happy and Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays can be challenging to people in recovery. In the past, they spent their time drinking heavily or using as part of the celebrations. Now that they’re committed to sobriety, they often wonder how they’ll make it through the holiday season. Of course, you can have an entirely sober Thanksgiving that’s not only memorable […]

The Importance of Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes provide special living environments for people who want to stay sober. Experts initially used them to provide safe and supportive places for people to spend their first month in recovery. However, now people can remain in sober living houses for several months. Although not everyone has to live in sober living homes, […]