Whether you’ve gone through residential treatment for addiction or you are just beginning your journey to recovery, you might have considered a sober living program as part of your recovery plan. In these programs, those in recovery live together in a home that is supportive of their journey.

A California sober living program provides many benefits to its residents, including round-the-clock accountability, support, and encouragement. Learn more about how sober living in CA could help you or a loved one as you work towards long-lasting sobriety at Soledad House. 

Sober Living Programs

First, what is sober living? In a sober living program, several individuals in recovery share a house or an apartment where no drugs or alcohol are allowed. Often, these residences are part of an addiction treatment center. While many individuals in recovery begin treatment in a detox program or residential addiction treatment program, sober living can be one step of the process.

Those in sober living pledge to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Individuals in recovery can come and go as they need to for work, school, or other responsibilities. One important benefit of sober living is that it provides an opportunity for those in recovery to practice healthy coping skills and strategies in a real-world environment. 

Benefits of Sober Living Programs

Why is a sober living program often recommended for those who have completed other addiction treatment programs? These programs provide many benefits to residents, including the following:

In sober living, residents do not live in isolation. Instead, they live in a community of others who are focused on their recovery. Due to this, residents have increased motivation to stay sober. On the other hand, if they return to their permanent home, they might not have support from everyone in the household. In sober living, they know that everyone else in the house wants them to stay sober and that they run the risk of having to go back to rehab if they relax.

Because no one can bring drugs or alcohol into the sober living home, there’s little to no risk for the resident to relapse. Instead, residents learn how to live without drugs and alcohol. They can form strong friendships with other residents and discover new hobbies and activities.

Returning home after a women’s rehab program can be challenging. During the early days of recovery, individuals might feel like no one understands what they have been through. Being alone, even just for a couple of hours, can be triggering. However, in sober living, residents are unlikely to ever be alone.

Contact Soledad House Today

At Soledad House, we offer a sober living program for women in recovery in CA. There are several requirements for an individual to enroll in our women’s addiction treatment center. Every individual in sober living must have been sober for more than 30 days, must attend at least four 12-step meetings a week, and is subject to frequent drug testing. Additionally, they’re required to either fulfill responsibilities at a job or in school or be part of an outpatient addiction treatment program.

Our sober living home is not a clinical environment. Instead, it’s a place where residents learn to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol. We provide a number of amenities, including the following:

You can learn more about our sober living program in CA or any of our other women’s drug addiction programs by contacting Soledad House at 866.314.3222. Begin your journey to recovery today.