You’ve worked hard in residential and outpatient treatment. Why do you need aftercare at a women’s rehab center like Soledad House? It can be challenging to recognize this need when you’re working hard at preventing relapse throughout your therapy. It is rather common for people to need ongoing support after they leave routine addiction therapy. That’s why we offer a women’s addiction treatment center that’s designed to give you more access to these opportunities for long-lasting care.

What Is Aftercare at a Women’s Rehab Center?

An aftercare addiction program is simply ongoing outpatient therapy after you’ve completed your main core programs. During your time within our programs, we work on preventing relapse by providing you with tools, knowledge, and insights. Yet, even with all of the planning possible, there is still the risk that you may not be able to manage all of the stress on your own once you leave care. That’s where aftercare at a women’s rehab center can help you.

You may benefit from this type of program at our women’s rehab program for many reasons, including simply because it is a normal component of your treatment for addiction. There are some other signs that you may want to step back into treatment if you’ve already left it to continue on with care. You may benefit from these programs if you:

There’s no reason not to engage in aftercare. In many ways, it is a critical component of preventing relapse. Without ongoing treatment and care, you may not be able to embrace life as fully as you could with it. You may struggle through your cravings or dealing with people who push you too close to the edge of relapse.

What Are the Benefits of Relapse Prevention Through Aftercare?

Our women’s addiction recovery is designed to empower you to overcome your challenges in addiction and mental health. We want to keep up the motivation and determination you have on day one of your recovery. To do that, we need to be able to reinforce what you’ve learned.

One of the key benefits of this type of aftercare at a women’s rehab center is that you’ll work with people who are facing the same challenges and experiences you are. You’ll share stories, ideas, and strategies for building on relapse prevention. This is real, hands-on support and tools that can really work to make life a bit easier in early recovery. Later, you’ll be able to share these skills with others who are at the beginning of their stage.

It All Starts with Getting Help from a Women’s Recovery Center

Preventing relapse is one of the resources we provide to our clients throughout all of our treatment programs. We encourage you to learn more about each of the program options we offer, including how they work and what our therapies can do for your long-term healing. Learn about our programs, including:

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Our women’s recovery center prepares you for every step of your journey to recovery. When you work with us, our goal is to help you get sober and to remain healthy for years to come. We work hard at preventing relapse so that you can live the life you want. A component of that comes from our aftercare at women’s rehab center. To learn more about Soledad House and the services we offer, call 866.314.3222 or connect with us online.