Drug and alcohol addiction affects more than your physical self. It also impacts your emotional and spiritual well-being. When you take the big step toward recovery, you’ll participate in various forms of therapy. They may be as different as psychotherapy and fitness therapy, which both help you strengthen your body and mind. The therapies available in addiction treatment programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each person. However, what they all have in common is aligning your physical and mental health. Spirituality addiction recovery in San Diego is one approach that can greatly benefit you.

Spiritual Therapy in Addiction Treatment

More and more rehab facilities are recognizing the importance of alternative, or holistic, therapies. Talk therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) have their place as evidence-based treatment models. However, holistic approaches contribute to a well-rounded rehab experience.

Although the 12-step model has a spiritual or religious component, spiritual therapy can include more than this traditional rehab treatment. A Christian rehab program is just one type of spiritual plan. Other programs allow clients to focus on either some type of higher power or simply a search for more meaning and purpose to their lives. Why is this so important in addiction treatment?

The simple answer is that it can help you begin and maintain recovery. A life without drugs or alcohol requires more than just the absence of substances. It requires a new way of living that addresses all aspects of your life, including your spirituality.

The rehab facility you choose should offer a spiritual program you’re most comfortable with, whether it’s Christian-based or a broader type.

Many people with addiction issues spend a lot of time replaying negative events and emotions from the past or constantly worrying about the future. Using spirituality, you’ll channel your mind to concentrate on what’s happening right now. You might meditate or pray as a way to help you focus on the present.

Benefits of Spiritual Therapy

Whether you surrender yourself to a higher power or you examine your life’s purpose, you can gain the benefits of a spiritual approach to addiction treatment. These include:

One of the advantages of spiritual practice is that you can continue it after rehab is over. Remember, recovery is ongoing. You’ll need tools and skills to help you cope with the inevitable stress and tough times that everyone has. By tapping into a more spiritual component, you’ll be able to depend on something greater than yourself or your own inner power.

Let Soledad House Guide You Toward Recovery

Let the compassionate professionals at Soledad House give you a solid foundation for lasting sobriety. In our supportive, nurturing environment, women of all ages can begin the path to healing. We offer a wide range of treatment programs that can address the unique needs of each woman in our care.

At our women’s-only rehab center in San Diego, California, we provide a range of addiction treatment therapies, such as:

Whether it’s individual, group, or spiritual therapy, our caring staff offers rehab programs to meet your unique needs. Reach out to our team today at 866.314.3222 for more information on overcoming addiction and reclaiming your life.