Spirituality Addiction Recovery


During Soledad’s women’s addiction treatment programs, we use a 12-step program recovery model to help individuals overcome their addictions. One misconception that many people have about 12 step recovery is that one of the steps requires you to be religious. Strictly speaking, this isn’t true. Our program incorporates an element of spirituality for addiction treatment. We believe that spirituality and recovery go hand in hand.


Spirituality vs. Religion

There is a strong distinction between spirituality and religion. Though many spiritual individuals are also religious, it isn’t a requirement. With specific rules and doctrines, religion is generally more rigid than spirituality. On the other side of that spectrum, spirituality is usually considered more relaxed.

Being spiritual simply means that you believe in something bigger than yourself. Whatever that higher power is, you allow it to help guide you through your recovery process. Your spiritual connection could be to God, to the universe, or to something entirely different that only you understand. Whatever your higher power is, it’s an important part of your addiction recovery process.

Spirituality Addiction Recovery

Soledad is proud to include a strong spiritual healing component in our program. A lot of the women who seek us out believe that they need a miracle to fight addiction. While hard work is an important part of recovery, we believe that trusting a higher power is just as important to successful healing.

However, it’s important to note that we don’t force religion on any of our patients. We welcome all women, only wishing for them to be able to learn from a spiritual message. Regardless of their beliefs or how they define a higher power, faith and spirituality can strengthen their chance at recovery.

Recovery at Soledad House

At Soledad, we effectively incorporate spiritual therapy into our programs. In addition to this component of recovery, we also offer the following:
At Soledad House, we understand that recovery requires many different approaches and types of treatment. You’ll work with our therapists to discover what gives you the best chances of sustainable recovery. For more information about spirituality and addiction, give us a call at 866.314.3222. We look forward to helping you find your footing in sobriety.



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