Many women experience feelings of loneliness or isolation when battling addiction. Without support, it’s hard to remember that countless others face similar struggles. Millions have succeeded in reclaiming their lives. For many, treatment including spiritual recovery from addiction, is very effective. This proven therapy allows clients to draw on their belief in a higher power for support in their recovery journeys. At Soledad House, located in beautiful San Diego, our therapies include a spirituality addiction recovery approach. We’re standing by to answer any questions you might have about our treatments. Reach out online or give us a call today at 866.314.3222 to start the conversation.

Do You Have to Be Religious to Benefit from Spiritual Therapy?

Spiritual therapy is not the same as a religious practice. Organized religion may require that members have a specific set of beliefs or engage in set ritual practices. Spirituality, on the other hand, simply means believing in something bigger than yourself. This could take any form. Some might call it God. Others might associate it with the natural world. For still others, it’s the whole universe. Something bigger than yourself, or a higher power, can truly be anything that makes sense to you.

For this reason, you do not have to be religious to benefit from spiritual therapy. Anyone combatting something as challenging as addiction can benefit from support. Support can come from other individuals or a higher power. In a spiritual therapy approach, both support systems are present along with the goal that the client also develop inner strength and resources.

How Spiritual Therapy Can Help Your Recovery

Spirituality is linked to resilience in the face of stress, greater optimism about life, and a deeper sense of social connectedness. For these reasons, spirituality can form a powerful part of addiction recovery therapy.

A classic approach to spiritual therapy is the 12 steps. This method was created almost a century ago as part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program but has been widely adopted to help those battling all kinds of addictions.

In a 12-step approach, clients admit their powerlessness over addiction. They can then seek assistance from something larger than themselves. This facilitates the recovery journey by allowing them to release any sense of shame they may hold and, instead, focus on getting better.

In a 12-step program, clients also courageously take stock of their own lives and practice honesty about the harm they’ve caused to themselves and others. This level of transparency and accountability means that the recovery journey is founded on personal choice instead of external demands.

Later stages in the 12 steps include making amends with those whom clients have harmed, as well as helping others struggling with similar issues. These social components help with recovery by reconnecting clients with their communities. They also strengthen agency, accountability, and self-worth.

Other Addiction Treatment Therapies

Spiritual therapy is often paired with other approaches, which include:

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