The holidays can be challenging to people in recovery. In the past, they spent their time drinking heavily or using as part of the celebrations. Now that they’re committed to sobriety, they often wonder how they’ll make it through the holiday season. Of course, you can have an entirely sober Thanksgiving that’s not only memorable but fun as well.

Making Positive Changes

a woman enjoys a sober ThanksgivingOne thing rehab teaches people is that they must make changes in their life. They can’t continue making bad choices and expecting good things to happen as a result. If your previous holidays were full of using, your future ones will be very different when you choose sobriety.

It can feel overwhelming to think about never having another drink in your life. However, positive changes come in steps. Each day is a new opportunity for you to make healthier choices. When you approach your recovery one day, one step at a time, it won’t feel like such a huge hurdle.

How to Have a Fun and Sober Thanksgiving

Committing yourself to a sober life doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at parties and during the festive season. It just means you’ll celebrate differently. Don’t feel you have to avoid festivities, either, as isolating yourself can make you feel lonely. That can lead to relapse.

Instead, give yourself the best chance at having a sober holiday by doing the following:

You may have to avoid some people, including family members, during these celebrations. This can be very hard during the holidays. Remember that your health is your priority. Don’t feel bad about avoiding anyone who doesn’t respect that.

Addiction Treatment in a Women-Only Environment

At Soledad House in San Diego, we help women overcome drug and alcohol addiction in a safe, nurturing setting. We’re located just minutes from the beach, and we take a faith-based approach to the specialized treatment that women need.

Our addiction treatment programs include:

Whether you’re trying to have a sober Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a regular day, the compassionate team at Soledad House can guide you toward recovery. Reach out to us at 866-314-3222 today, and we’ll start you on the road to lasting sobriety.