If you search online for “addiction treatment,” you’ll likely find a list of nearby facilities that treat addiction. But how do you decide which clinic is the right one for YOU? The best way is to learn more about the program options and criteria that make great addiction treatment centers. Furthermore, most insurance providers will cover a portion of the cost of rehab. At Soledad House, we offer Cigna rehab insurance coverage and are in-network with most major insurance providers.

Various Levels of Care

woman standing outside addiction treatment centersWhen it comes to addiction treatment, not everyone needs the same intensity of care. Before you can search for addiction treatment centers, it’s important to understand your options.

The lowest treatment level is outpatient care, which only requires you to visit the rehab center for scheduled therapy. It allows you to continue your daily life but still get in-person treatment for addiction. However, this program type works best for people with strong support at home and a very low risk for relapse.

Intensive outpatient treatment is similar but differs in that it requires more therapy sessions at the rehab center. Program staff may refer you to medical or psychiatric services if necessary. Partial hospitalization is another step up that requires even more therapy hours. The main difference is that you have direct access to medical or psychiatric services.

Inpatient and residential services are the optimal options for addiction treatment. Studies show that they have a higher success rate. Also, the longer that the treatments last, the less likely that you are to relapse. Inpatient treatment provides 24-hour support and gives you time to adjust to abstinence while learning to manage addiction.

During inpatient or residential programs, you live at or near the treatment center. In most cases, the facility follows a schedule that mixes mealtimes, free time, therapy and related activities. Having a structure teaches you healthy living habits and reduces stress.

Services Criteria for Addiction Treatment Centers

When you search for a rehab center, make sure that it treats your specific drug addiction. Various drugs affect the body in different ways. Because of that, you can’t get proper treatment for alcohol addiction if a facility only treats prescription drug addiction. Additionally, there are a few services that all addiction treatment centers should offer.

Whether you choose outpatient or residential care, your rehab center needs to offer a customized treatment plan. The staff should perform a full assessment of your health and drug history to determine your specific needs when you first arrive. Be totally honest when you answer their questions so that they can provide the best care possible. The rehab center will recommend a course of treatment before you give consent to start.

The addiction treatment facility you choose must also use evidence-based treatments in your plan. These methods have performed well in research and clinical testing, so you know that they’re effective. Common effective therapies, for example, are cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management. Combining these with medicine and holistic care creates a medically sound treatment plan.

It might be hard to return home after inpatient or residential rehab. For this reason, rehab centers should help you create an aftercare plan. In some cases, they offer outpatient or sober living services as step-down programs. Otherwise, you can plan to visit a private counselor or support group regularly for encouragement to maintain your sobriety.

Getting Addiction Treatment in San Diego

If you’re a woman who wants to overcome addiction, Soledad House offers a faith-based approach to recovery. We provide a nurturing community with several treatment programs and services, including:

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