Anyone struggling with alcoholism can benefit from attending alcohol rehab. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether you or someone you love truly needs professional help. These three signs point to a clear answer, helping you decide whether alcohol rehab in CA is a necessity at the women’s alcohol rehab center in San Diego.

1. Negative Consequences of Alcohol Aren’t Enough to Stop You From Drinking

It’s no secret that alcohol abuse and addiction can cause negative consequences. Even social drinking can lead to negative side effects. A hangover, for example, is one common consequence most people could do without.

Excessive drinking can cause a long list of negative consequences. Individuals might struggle financially, or they might have a hard time meeting performance requirements at work. Job loss, broken relationships and even a loss of custody are possible as a result of alcoholism. Criminal activity, such as driving while intoxicated, might also occur.

Health complications arise due to alcohol symptoms on the body. Effects on the brain cause mood and thought disruptions while other organ damages cause dangerous inflammation. Research studies also show a clear pattern between drinking and cancer.

These consequences on their own are worrying. What’s worse is when these negative consequences happen, but the drinking continues. That’s a clear sign that individuals are no longer in control, and the disease of alcoholism has taken over. Taking back control over your life is possible with the right alcohol rehab in CA.

2. You’ve Tried to Quit, but Always Come up Short

Another definite sign that rehab is necessary is when people try to quit, but can’t do it alone. It’s normal to want to cut back on alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, it is often easier said than done.

People may declare that they’re cutting back, or they might try to set limits. For example, a woman may say that she will just have one drink, but go on to have several. If this happens repeatedly, she likely needs professional assistance to get sober.

Some people try to quit drinking but feel poorly when they attempt to do so. Ceasing consumption cold turkey can lead to uncomfortable or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If these symptoms appear, then getting medical supervision and women’s alcohol addiction rehab is necessary.

3. You’re Lying About Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholism is a disease that comes with physical symptoms. However, it’s often also psychological. Addicts may struggle with guilt, shame, or embarrassment about drinking. Those dealing with alcohol use disorder lie about alcohol consumption.

Lying about alcohol consumption happens at home and at work. Typical lies include staying at work late when in reality they are out drinking, the amount they’ve had to drink, and drinking while at work. Becoming dependent on alcohol, the person attempts to drink throughout the day even though they have responsibilities.

If you or someone you care about lies about drinking, then consider why that is. Often, alcoholism or alcohol abuse is a factor. Alcohol rehab programs find the cause of lying and alcohol abuse and provide the tools to work through them.

Find Your Ideal Alcohol Rehab Program

In order to treat addiction like alcoholism, alcohol rehab is vital. In rehab, patients will have access to medical attention and trained therapists or counselors. While selecting the right rehab can be tough, look specifically for addiction programs that offer the following:

If you notice any of these signs in yourself or in someone you care about, then alcohol rehab is the right choice. Contact Soledad House in San Diego, California, to start recovering from alcoholism right away. Call 866.314.3222 to start living the sober, healthy, and happy life you deserve.