Heroin Addiction Treatment


By some estimates, more than nine million men and women around the world use heroin. The best way to combat heroin addiction is through professional addiction treatment. Unfortunately, not all of these individuals receive the right care for recovery. The heroin epidemic increasingly gets worse each year. It’s critical to recognize a heroin addiction, understand its risks, and find the right addiction treatment services at a women’s addiction treatment center for lasting sobriety.


The Signs of a Heroin Addiction

Using heroin, even occasionally, is fraught with risk. Since heroin is such a highly addictive substance, even trying it once can lead to addiction. However, a full-fledged addiction may be easier to recognize. The signs of heroin addiction may be physical, behavioral, or even financial in nature. The heroin withdrawal symptoms can be another obvious sign of heroin addiction. Additionally, it is important to learn and understand heroin overdose symptoms if you suspect someone you love is using heroin.

Some of the most obvious signs of an addiction to heroin are physical. Because of this, it can be increasingly difficult to hide an addiction over time. Some of the most common signs include:

Not all signs of heroin addiction are physical, however. Often, an addiction will drastically change an individual’s behavior. An addiction can also change the way that he or she interacts with others, and can disrupt responsibilities.

In addition, addiction can also negatively impact life in terms of career. Retaining a job, and performing well, isn’t easy when struggling with addiction. Losing a job, ending a serious relationship, or going into debt may all signal an addiction to heroin.

Committing to the Heroin Recovery Timeline

Recovering from addiction means committing to the process. Understanding the timeline, and what to expect, can help patients move forward.

To start, detox is often necessary. This withdrawal period helps patients overcome their physical bonds to addiction. Detox from heroin rarely lasts longer than 10 days.

Next, heroin users begin rehab. For best results, patients should plan to spend at least 90 days recovering from addiction. After this ends, ongoing care or sober living may be the best course of action for lasting results and relapse prevention.

Targeting Addiction In Women’s Rehab

In rehab, there are a variety of approaches to treat heroin addiction. While evidence-based therapy is most effective, holistic and spiritual approaches are also beneficial. Ultimately, a comprehensive and personalized plan is best. Some of the approaches that medical professionals use to target addiction to heroin include:

Finding the Right Heroin Rehab Program

The right heroin rehab program isn’t always easy to find. First, ensure that any facility is prepared to handle heroin addictions. Then, consider the overall atmosphere. Often, patients feel most at home in an environment that is nurturing, comfortable and supportive.

Finally, consider the options for the future. The best programs will offer ongoing and continuing care to help maintain sobriety for longer.

Heroin addiction can be overcome with the right high-quality rehab. At Soledad House in San Diego, California, women’s addiction treatment programs are designed to tackle addiction directly. Call 866.314.3222 for details on how to change your life for the better.



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