Adderall Addiction Treatment


Adderall is a prescription medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When taken as prescribed, this medication can be incredibly effective. It helps those with ADHD focus and find relief from their symptoms. However, it also has a potential for abuse. Some individuals use the medication in ways other than prescribed, while others access the drug by buying it from someone else. Adderall addiction is a serious issue that can be hard for people to recover from without professional addiction treatment services from a drug rehab center.

At Soledad House, we offer Adderall addiction treatment for women who are ready to break free from dependency and addiction. Learn more by contacting us today at 866.314.3222.

Signs of Adderall Addiction

Signs of Adderall Addiction

Those who are struggling with an Adderall addiction will exhibit behavioral changes. Some of these changes will be obvious. Other changes may not be so obvious to outside observers, even close family and friends.

People who struggle with an addiction have a compulsive need to seek out and use the substance. Even if they know the risks, they’ll continue to look for and use Adderall. This seemingly unstoppable need for drugs can cause serious relationship, financial, and life issues.


Side Effects of Adderall Addiction

Individuals who abuse Adderall for a long time will also start experiencing severe side effects due to their drug use. Some of these effects are mild. Other side effects can be life-threatening. These side effects might include:
Some people who abuse Adderall experience overdoses, especially if Adderall is combined with other drugs. Common overdose symptoms include panic attacks, hallucinations, vertigo, extreme confusion, and coma.

Help For Adderall Addiction at Our Recovery Center

Many people with Adderall abuse problems try to quit using on their own without seeking long-term inpatient drug rehab. This can be dangerous, as withdrawal symptoms can be severe. In an effort to feel relief from withdrawal symptoms, some individuals will use the substance again. When individuals trying to detox relapse, they often try to take the same dose of the drug they did before they stopped using. This can cause them to overdose. Additionally, addiction is a disease that cannot be overcome through willpower alone. Substance abuse causes changes in the brain, and consistent therapy and medical care might be needed to help those who are struggling make lasting changes in their lives.

Those who start abusing drugs might struggle with other life issues. Stress at work, conflict with loved ones, or untreated mental health issues can contribute to substance abuse. Professional treatment helps those in recovery identify these triggers and create healthy coping skills for the future.

As people use drugs, they develop a tolerance for them. They have to take more of the drug in order to get the same effect they did the first time they used it. When people stop taking it for an extended period, their tolerance decreases. If people with an addiction relapse and go back to the same dosage, they’re very likely to overdose. Learning the best ways for relapse prevention is the key to long-term recovery.

Contact Soledad House for Adderall Addiction Treatment

At Soledad House, we offer a safe, supportive environment for women who are ready to break free from addiction, including Adderall addiction. Addiction treatment centers that focus on full-body recovery can offer women’s addiction treatment programs that help clients heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. When these programs are paired with a relaxing environment and personalized care, clients have a chance at lasting sobriety.

If you’re a woman struggling with Adderall abuse, sobriety is possible. At Soledad House, we can provide you with the full-body, individualized care that you need to recover. Don’t struggle alone. Call us today at 866.314.3222.



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