A dangerous but increasingly common drug is called lean. Use of lean drug can result in disastrous side effects, including overdose or addiction. Fortunately, the right opioid addiction treatment center in California can help treat lean drug addiction.

What is Lean Drug?

Lean goes by many names, just some of which include purple drank, purple lean and dirty sprite. Lean drug is a mixture of prescription cold medication, soda, and colorful candies.

When users combine them, these ingredients become a dark, colorful drink that can cause dizziness. The drink acts as a sedative, and it can lead to a euphoric state for some drinkers.

If you’re mixing cough syrup and alcohol, the dangers of side effects increase. The chances of overdosing on lean drug mixed with alcohol are a lot higher. Please seek help from individualized substance abuse treatment programs in San Diego to treat each co-occurring disorder.

Side Effects of Using Lean

There’s no safe way to consume lean. Individuals often make the drug in small batches, which means that no two drinks are the same. Potency can vary from one drink to the next. This can lead to severe side effects, not to mention the risk of an overdose.

Virtually all people who consume lean will experience some similar common side effects. To start, feeling dizzy and drowsy is common. Many users report a loss of balance as well as a loss of coordination. Other common symptoms include feeling very sleepy. Droopy eyes are likely, as is a slowed heart rate. Some users also experience slurred speech as well as constricted pupils.

In the days following lean consumption, many users suffer from urinary tract infections. Memory loss is also likely, as is constipation.

Recognizing Addiction

It shocks many individuals to learn that lean drug can actually be addictive. However, it shouldn’t be a surprise. The main ingredient in lean is prescription cold medicine, which usually contains codeine. This is an opioid drug, meaning that drinking lean can result in opioid addiction requiring drug addiction treatment and drug therapy programs in CA.

Signs of a lean addiction start with the need to consume the drink on a regular basis. Trying to stop or cut back will likely result in withdrawal symptoms.

If someone you care about might be using lean, there are some things to look for. A purple tongue, constricted pupils, Jolly Rancher wrappers or bottles of cold medication may all be signs that point to lean abuse.

Treating a Lean Drug Addiction

Addiction treatment is necessary to overcome a dependence on lean. Like any other opiate addiction, detox is the first step. A residential treatment center in San Diego may be the best way for patients to receive 24/7 care and support. Residential programs also offer accountability and peers that know what you’re going through.

Since there’s no shortage of treatment facilities to choose from, look for programs that can offer all of the following:

Overcoming a lean drug addiction is easier with help. Contact Soledad House in San Diego, California for the support, guidance, and resources you need to tackle drug addiction. Call 866.314.3222 to begin your journey to recovery and to take back control over your life.