Prescription drug abuse can sneak up without warning on anyone who takes medications for pain or mental illness. Many of the medications that people take for pain or mental illness are narcotics, which come with a risk of addiction. There are others who are just looking for a way to get high and find easy access to prescription medications. The prescription drug problem in the United States is a major issue, and it’s currently the leading cause of fatal overdoses. If you or a loved one need help, look no further than Soledad House’s prescription drug addiction treatment program in San Diego, California.

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Most medications that doctors prescribe can greatly help people, but some individuals eventually develop a dependency problem. The issue with recognizing prescription drug abuse is many people justify their actions because the prescription is legal. Addiction makes it difficult for a person to be self-aware, so they’re often in denial about the problem. The definition of prescription drug abuse is taking a medication in a way other than what the doctor prescribes, which includes:

Many people who enter womens addiction treatment programs do so for problems with prescription drug abuse that can include a wide range of medications. Most of the people who enter treatment never thought that they would develop a problem, but ultimately fell prey to prescription drug abuse. The issue with abusing medications, or taking them for a long time, is that the body and mind become highly dependent. There comes a point where the person is no longer able to feel well unless he or she is taking the medication regularly in excess.

Unfortunately, the line that people cross into addiction often occurs without warning and the person loses control. Many people who develop this type of addiction begin buying medications illegally when they can no longer get prescriptions from their doctors. The average prescription drug addiction can cost hundreds of dollars a week if not thousands. The brain feels it needs the medication to survive, so the person puts the medication above everything else.

Going to Addiction Treatment

Whether you’re seeking addiction treatment services for medications that you have a prescription for or not, an addiction rehab facility can help. For those who have an addiction to medications for pain or mental illness, there’s a better way to live. We live in a country where we’re told we need medications to cure these issues, but there are other ways. In treatment, you’re going to learn how to manage mental illness, pain and the stresses of everyday life without medications.

Soledad House is an addiction recovery center specifically for women. Through our program, you’ll receive the attention, care, compassion and treatment that you need to begin a new life. We’ve been treating women just like you for over a decade, and we’ve seen incredible success stories over the years. Allow us to assist you with empowering yourself and regaining control of your life by calling us today at 866.314.3222.