Have you made it a habit of drinking too much? Now you’re dealing with a situation where you think you went too far. Did you experience symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Here’s what you need to know before it happens again.

Typical Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

A woman is passed out next to an empty glass to represent symptoms of alcohol poisoningAlthough your body’s symptoms may be different, there are bound to be some similarities. You drink too much alcohol in a short amount of time. It’s more than your liver can metabolize. Even if you pass out, your stomach still contains alcohol that it releases into the bloodstream.

Intoxication continues to worsen. Your body desperately tries to rid itself of the substance it identifies as a poison. You may vomit. If you’ve passed out, it’s possible that you’ll choke on the vomit.

If your body does succeed in eliminating some of the alcohol from your system by vomiting, you’re dealing with dehydration. Your heartbeat becomes irregular, and your body temperature may rise. Depending on your overall health, you may experience seizures and possibly brain damage. Symptoms can happen after your first taste of alcohol or after drinking to excess for years.

You Have to Quit Drinking

You’re overcoming the symptoms of alcohol poisoning today. You were lucky. Statistics show that people die from this condition each day. What do you do with your newfound lease on life?

Rehab is a good option.

If you’ve been drinking to excess for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ll experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You need medical supervision to overcome the habit. Once you no longer have the physiological compulsion to drink, you work on ending your psychological addiction. What caused you to reach for that first drink and then keep going?

At a rehab facility, therapists help you find out. They use treatments such as:

Can I Just Quit by Myself?

When women say that, they’re typically not comfortable with rehab in a co-ed setting. Maybe they don’t want to open up and be vulnerable with men around. That’s not unusual. In fact, it’s the reason why more and more rehab centers now specialize in single-sex treatments.

A women’s only setting is a good option for you. It eliminates the discomfort that comes from a co-ed recovery experience. Moreover, it heightens the nurturing environment of the therapeutic setting. Since it focuses on women, you feel like you’re coming to the right place.

If you survived the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, you owe it to yourself to get help. At Soledad House, you’re with other women who’re in the same boat. Get the help you need today. Call 866-314-3222 now.