Ativan is the brand name for lorazepam, which is a benzodiazepine. Your doctor might prescribe it for anxiety. It’s the type of drug that has addiction potential. What happens when you mix Ativan and alcohol accidentally or on purpose?

Understanding How Ativan Works

Mixing Ativan and alcohol introduces two depressants to your system. Ativan specifically targets GABA receptors, which results in calming sensations. Depending on the dose you’re taking, you might just be zoning out a little. Others report feeling very sleepy.

You can get high off an overdose of Ativan. That’s true for most of the benzos. Therefore, these drugs have significant abuse potential.

What Happens When You Mix Ativan and Alcohol?

Alcohol is also a depressant that affects GABA receptors. It may not be possible for your body to filter the chemicals of the drug sufficient to prevent problems. Because mixing Ativan and alcohol is toughest on the liver, you could encounter damage to the organ. Besides that, the substances act in concert.

They calm you down. Then, they make you sleepy. What happens when you mix Ativan and alcohol at the end depends on the dose you took. If you accidentally washed down a typical Ativan dose with a glass of wine, you might feel sick.

However, if you took a dose to get high, you could be in serious trouble.

Therapists at the women’s Ativan addiction treatment San Diego, CA trusts routinely work with clients who had a close call. They overdosed. Next, their breathing slowed significantly while the blood pressure dropped. They might have blacked out, but somebody called first responders.

When they came to, they were in a hospital.

What happens when you mix Ativan and alcohol alone? There’s a chance that your breathing slows to such a degree that you don’t take in sufficient oxygen. Coma and death could be next.

Getting Help for a Destructive Habit

Some people mix the two depressants to boost their effects. This is a dangerous habit that quickly results in severe, adverse consequences. Because of the habit-forming nature of both drugs, addiction treatment services are the best option. You check into a rehab facility where therapists understand what you’re going through.

There, they customize a care protocol to suit your unique needs. Examples of care approaches include:

So, what happens when you mix Ativan and alcohol tonight? If you’re doing it on purpose, there’s a good chance that you’ll risk a dangerous overdose. But this doesn’t have to happen to you. Soledad House offers womens addiction treatment programs that could help you; call 866.314.3222 today!