When you or someone you care about suffers hydrocodone addiction, life seems stuck in one place. You cannot plan for a future, until the past and present gain resolution. The scariest thing about opioid addiction is the possibility of not having a future at all. This makes your need for hydrocodone addiction treatment help very clear.

First Steps Toward Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

A woman shakes pills out of a bottle into her hand likely needs the hydrocodone addiction treatment san diego CA offersHydrocodone addiction quickly consumes your life after you start abusing this powerful opioid. Whether you gained prescription painkillers from a doctor or on the street, you never thought your drug use would reach this point. Regardless of what you planned for your life, addiction has now taken over.

If you need hydrocodone addiction treatment, you stand on the threshold of getting help right now. But if someone you care about needs help for opioid addiction, convincing her she needs help takes work. Remember that being confrontational causes more problems than it helps. The best method of helping a friend or loved one get into hydrocodone addiction treatment is open, honest communication with support.

Signs and Symptoms of Hydrocodone Addiction

How do you know if someone needs hydrocodone addiction treatment San Diego, CA? You can tell addiction is a problem for someone you care about because the substance abuse affects every area of her life. She neglects home and work responsibilities. She also suffers damage to her relationships.

An addiction controls the person you love. She doesn’t have control, by the time you notice their substance abuse. This important truth helps you understand why she doesn’t quit or seek the help she needs on her own. She needs your support to get back to a healthier, happier way of life.

What most people think about in addiction is getting more of their drugs and using them. These thoughts consume them and take the place of once-loved activities. People with opioid addictions also face financial problems when keeping up with their drug seeking. They lose motivation for things they once loved and suffer withdrawal symptoms if they quit their drug.

Signs you need hydrocodone addiction treatment include:

  • Needing the drug to function normally
  • Worrying about running out of pills
  • Problems throughout your life because of addiction
  • Feeling you cannot live without your drug
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit your drug
  • Drug cravings when not using your drug

One of the first steps into addiction is tolerance. Tolerance occurs when the dose you started taking no longer provides the same effects. You need more of your drug to get high. This increases your risk of an overdose while also sinking you farther into addiction.

When you quit taking hydrocodone and feel symptoms of withdrawal, you suffer a full-blown addiction to your drug. This means you need help to go through detox and gain recovery. That help takes place in hydrocodone addiction treatment San Diego CA has to offer.

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment in California

Finding the right hydrocodone addiction treatment program causes stress for people in your shoes, whether you need help or seek it for someone you love. But this decision comes easily once you find hydrocodone addiction treatment San Diego CA provides at Soledad House. Soledad House provides adult women with individualized treatment needed for lasting recovery.

Residential treatment at Soledad House provides housing in two comfortable and welcoming homes in San Diego near the beach and within walking distance of fun outdoor activities. At Soledad House, programs include:

  • Individual, group, and family therapies
  • Help for codependency on parents
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Extended care program
  • Aftercare and sober living
  • Exercise therapy
  • CBT, EMDR, and psychotherapy

Whether you need a hydrocodone, benzo, or oxycodone addiction treatment program, you can find this help at Soledad House. Call Soledad House at 866-314-3222 for more information about available programs.