When you face struggles or challenges in your life, do you turn to your faith for guidance and support? Maybe you stepped back from your faith while you engaged in substance abuse. Do you now want to revive a closer connection with God as you seek recovery? Your spiritual connection can play a role in your recovery if you want Christian counseling during treatment. Addiction leaves no area of your life unaffected. Your career, relationships, and self-esteem all suffer damage. Recovery also opens the door to many new questions as you get back on your feet in sobriety. For all of these reasons, seeking Christian counseling in rehab is common.

What Is Faith-based Recovery?

a woman talks to a counselor for Christian counselingIn faith-based recovery, you gain a religious view on addiction and treatment. Christian counseling as one example offers guidance and direction that differ from non-spiritual recovery programs. If you rely on religion or faith for support or want a renewed spiritual connection in your recovery, a program offering Christian counseling will likely suit your needs best. Having a spiritual connection gives many people strength in recovery. However, it proves challenging to stay on track with your faith unless your rehab program provides counseling and support with faith as a foundation. Recognizing your faith in rehab should not leave you feeling isolated from your peers in treatment. Instead, you need the comfort and testimony of others to support your faith as it grows and renews. You need others around you who speak your faith’s language, such as in counseling or group therapy environments. You need your beliefs enriched and nurtured.

Christian Counseling and the 12 Steps

All treatment programs help you take a personal inventory in your life. Most also encourage and facilitate group therapy. Therefore, adding Christian-oriented counseling doesn’t differ from mainstream non-faith-based rehab very much. Faith programs in rehab merely enable clients to look to God for the ultimate accountability and strength. 12-step programs work very well with faith-based rehab. However, having added counseling in your faith digs more deeply into your connection with God. It helps you rebuild with a greater sense of responsibility. The 12 steps keep your own God’s identity out of the steps, referring to Him as a Higher Power. Therefore, through Christian-based counseling and deeper spirituality throughout your program, you gain the space to turn your eyes and voice more clearly to God. Leaning on God for love and support in rehab gives you greater strength to improve your life. As you used your drugs or alcohol, you turned more deeply inward. You isolated yourself to use in private and without others telling you to stop. However, knowing God is ever-present and omnipotent gives you the highest level of personal accountability for relapse prevention. You always have someone present to talk to about your problems. You also gain support and strength by being able to read His word through the Bible. With faith-based rehab, you no longer stand alone in your addiction.

Working the 12 Steps

Besides needing to differentiate your God a bit more in Christian based counseling, the 12 steps can help you build a solid foundation for sobriety. Since 1935, people have turned to these steps for strong recovery. In early steps, you must admit you suffer a real problem. You also acknowledge you hold no power in fighting your alcohol or drugs. The second step brings you to the point of trusting in a Higher Power, one stronger and greater than yourself. This Higher Power helps you overcome your addiction. Few methods offer greater potential in rehab versus the 12 steps. However, therapies, counseling, education, and other treatment methods back up the 12 steps. These other methods bring different forms of support and momentum to your treatment, too.

Finding Christian Counseling in Women’s Rehab Treatment

Soledad House in San Diego, California provides faith-based, spiritual women’s rehab treatment. If you wish to recognize your God in recovery, Soledad House provides that opportunity. You also participate in the 12 steps as a foundation for your sobriety at this San Diego treatment center. Other programs and therapies of Soledad House include:
  • Residential and outpatient rehab
  • Extended care, sober living, and aftercare
  • Codependency and addiction counseling
  • 12 step-based program with spiritual activities
  • Exercise therapy and outdoor beach activities
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Sober parties and healthy socialization
For your renewed connection to God and Christian counseling in rehab, call Soledad House now at 866-314-3222. You can build the life you want in sobriety with God’s help. Call Soledad House now.