Faith-Based Rehabilitation


People who are searching for women’s addiction treatment programs may shy away from faith-based care. Those who aren’t religious or have a damaged relationship with God can wonder how faith-based care can help them on their journey to recovery. However, there are benefits to entering a faith-based rehab program. Even people who aren’t religious can benefit from the treatment and care available in these types of addiction recovery programs.


Soledad House provides a faith-based rehab program for women in California that can help you or your loved one work towards healing with support for every aspect of your life. Reach out to our team at 866.314.3222 or connect with us online today to learn more.

Faith-Based Rehab Programs Promote a Full-Body Healing Experience

Addiction is a full-body disease. When someone develops an addiction to a substance, the substance damages them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In order to fully heal from addiction, people need to address and recover from all the pains they experienced before and during their addiction. Some addiction treatment centers forget to focus on certain elements of the recovery process, which means their clients aren’t able to get the full-body healing experience they need.

A faith-based rehab program focuses on the spiritual side of treatment while also providing care that addresses the physical and emotional aspects of healing as well. Clients who enter these programs often work through spiritually guided programs, exercise therapy, and behavioral treatment programs. The combination helps promote the full-body healing clients truly need.

Faith-Based Rehab Helps Patients Put Their Trust in Others

Faith-based recovery programs ask clients to turn their healing process over to a higher power. These programs may emphasize God in conversation. However, the truth is that clients can choose any higher power that they wish.

No matter what higher power they choose, clients in faith-based addiction treatment will learn to trust those around them. That’s because faith-focused treatment naturally brings a sense of community with it. These addiction treatment services encourage people to reach out to others for support. Often, this includes leaders in the treatment centers, as well as other patients in the treatment program.

Faith-Based Rehab Emphasizes That Addiction Is a Disease, Not a Moral Flaw

Faith leaders who help clients in addiction treatment know that addiction can affect anyone. It doesn’t matter how faithful someone is. Anyone can struggle with addiction.

Faith-based rehab centers emphasize to their clients that addiction is a treatable disease. Most importantly, they remind them that people who develop a substance addiction aren’t morally flawed. They’re human, and all humans can develop an addiction. At the same time, all humans can recover from their addiction if they’re in a situation that promotes full-body care and spiritual support.

You Can Benefit from Spiritual Recovery at Soledad House

While there are many benefits of faith-based recovery programs, if you are not religious, you don’t have to turn away from faith-based treatment. There are recovery centers that focus on spiritual care and full-body treatment.

At Soledad House, we believe spirituality and recovery go hand-in-hand. We incorporate a 12-step program into the treatment our clients receive. We encourage but don’t require our clients to connect to a higher power during spiritual recovery sessions. Their connection with the higher power of their choice helps them through the healing process and keeps them sober after they leave treatment.

Along with our spiritual healing programs, we offer our female clients personalized care programs that promote a full healing experience. No matter where our clients are from or where they focus their spirituality, we aim to provide them with the full healing process that will help them get and stay sober.

Addiction is treatable. Let us help you recover from your addiction spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Call Soledad House today at 866.314.3222 to begin your road to addiction recovery.



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