Our world is changing every day, improving the lives of women as equals to men. However, in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, most programs start on a foundation of treatment designed for men. While this is not purposeful until the 1990s statistics and guidelines for healthy recovery focused on males in addiction, treatment, and recovery. This is why you need a womens drug addiction program, one that keeps your unique needs in mind.

Why Do You Need a Womens Drug Addiction Program?

a woman in a womens drug addiction program looks pensiveFor women leaving drugs or alcohol behind, being around other women plays an essential role in their recovery. You need to gain connections with peers in recovery who understand your life journey and share similar struggles. Women today certainly live more comfortable lives than those of the even recent past. However, as women, we still face challenges differing from those of men.

Society places stigmas on women who drink or abuse drugs. You know in your heart that the stigmas don’t fit your life. You are an individual with a unique story and path. However, if your rehab treatment provides care aligned with society’s stigmas, who does that really help? You need individualized care designed just for women of today’s world.

Many women still feel they don’t have a voice in their lives. Even with America’s empowering stance of “equality,” you can easily feel lost. As women, we suffer slower career tracks, lower pay, fewer opportunities, and other struggles men do not regularly face. We also struggle in our caregiving and nurturing roles, whether with our own families or in society.

A womens drug addiction program understands your daily life and struggles. By not giving into false standards, misconceptions or expectations, your rehab experience removes the labels from you and helps you choose your own life path of empowerment.

Empowerment of Being in Treatment with Other Women

In womens drug addiction program treatment, you immediately feel empowered and equal. You don’t feel the pressure of having men around. You feel more open about your experience and able to get to the real root of your life’s problems.

For many women, trauma is the root of substance abuse and addiction. Without seeing and healing that trauma, you leave doors open to the same negative track in life. However, around men in rehab, you do not feel comfortable discussing the most intimate areas of your life, mainly male-oriented trauma.

Many women suffer child abuse, molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence or general discrimination within their lives. Whatever you suffered that led you to this point, you need to lend your voice to that past. Alternatively, maybe you experience depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or other mental conditions without clear origins. For those conditions, you also need freedom from stigmas and expectations.

In a womens drug addiction program, you can remove the mask you show to the world. You don’t feel required to put your best face forward for the benefit of others. Among only women, you feel more like yourself. You also know you gain acceptance for being yourself.

Through this authenticity, you build self-confidence, self-esteem, and empowerment in recovery. You start seeing yourself as the beautiful person you are, not as others labeled you. You practice your voice openly and find new ways to enrich your life while putting your past behind you. Your womens drug addiction treatment program is where you spread your wings and start to really fly, maybe for the first time in your life.

Women’s Drug Rehab in San Diego, CA

In beautiful San Diego, Soledad House provides alcohol and drug addiction treatment for women. This womens drug addiction program is more than just a drug rehab center. Soledad House provides the starting point for your new life, one without the trauma, addiction, and other constraints presently holding you back.

Programs, therapies, and services at Soledad House in San Diego include:

Among other women in recovery, you can build a better life. Soledad House provides a comprehensive womens drug addiction program. At Soledad House, you find the safety, support, and therapies you need to forge a brighter future. Call Soledad House now at 866-314-3222 for more information about available programs.