If you’re considering the use of a San Diego treatment center, it’s likely that you or a close family member are experiencing addiction. As you start looking into viable treatment options, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities that exist. The information below covers important facts about what addiction is and how the right treatment center can help. To learn more about Soledad House, contact us today.

What is Addiction?

San Diego treatment center optionsAddiction is an illness that involves the improper use of addictive substances in a way that damages the person’s well-being. A person who is experiencing addiction will not be able to simply stop using a drug that is causing her harm. The issues with severe withdrawal symptoms often keep her locked in a vicious cycle of abuse until she can get the professional help she needs. Thankfully, a quality San Diego rehabilitation center can provide necessary relief.

Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

In order to get the necessary help from a San Diego treatment center, you must be aware of the signs of an addiction. The most frequently seen signs are detailed below:



Money Problems

Drug and alcohol abuse can be an expensive habit to keep up with. A person who is dealing with addiction might stop keeping up with their bills. She may also borrow money from unsuspecting loved ones.


Keeping Secrets

People facing addiction may not want others to learn about their problems. Therefore, they might keep their daily routine or acquaintances a secret from their family members.


Changes in Appearance

People often lose a lot of weight, suffer from rashes or marks on the skin, and undergo other significant physical changes. Their attitudes, personality, and moods may also shift.


Physical and Emotional Isolation

Is your loved one spending a lot of time alone? A person facing addiction may prefer to spend most of their time in isolation rather than with the people they care about. She also may lose interest in beloved hobbies and activities.

Choosing a San Diego Treatment Center

When looking for a San Diego rehab center, it’s only natural to want to pick the best option for your needs. The following attributes may provide you with a number of benefits:



Family Involvement

A person’s family can be her greatest support system as she travels the unknown road of addiction treatment. Facilities that involve the family in the education and treatment process are often very successful.


Serene Environment

Those seeking addiction treatment therapies can benefit greatly from peaceful and serene environments. As a result, these types of environments allow them to focus solely on the act of recovering from their problems.


Well-Balanced Care

Holistic care can help improve all aspects of the person’s well-being. Therefore, she’ll likely experience greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health.



Relapse is a serious concern that a lot of people have following addiction rehab. Successful rehab centers help each person create a specialized addiction relapse-prevention program that can reduce the chances of experiencing this devastating occurrence.

Support Your Loved One During Addiction Treatment

If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, she may be ashamed, lonely, and frustrated. While these are all normal feelings, it’s important to be there for her if she needs your emotional support. Simply knowing you’re there to listen to her concerns can help her have a greater chance of successful treatment.

Soledad House is a quality women’s drug rehabilitation center. This skilled facility provides easy access to in-depth sober living, outpatient care, extended care, and follow-up protocols. By providing treatment programs in a safe and private setting, each person can get the level of treatment they deserve.

Don’t let addiction control you. With the right tools, you can overcome your problems. Call Soledad House at 866.314.3222 to learn how we can help you.