Your chemical dependency is unique. Above all, it’s different from what a man experiences. Soledad House therapists understand that. They offer unique therapy programs for addiction, such as our yoga therapy in California, that can help you recover.

Gender-Informed Drug Treatment Works

a woman participates in a drug therapy programMen and women experience chemical dependency in different ways. Societal pressures vary. Most importantly, the effects of addiction aren’t the same. That’s why the women-only drug therapy program at Soledad House is an excellent opportunity for healing.

Women struggle with self-esteem. There are body image issues that arise before, during, and after drug use. Besides that, the presence of addiction affects relationships with those around you. Marriages strain.

You experience friction with parents and children. Many women already struggle with codependency issues. Drug abuse then heightens these problems. Similarly, it can aggravate co-occurring mental health problems.

Maybe you struggle with anxiety or depression. A female-only drug therapy treatment can help you manage these issues. In most cases, participation leads to a first-time diagnosis of the condition. You may have been self-medicating yourself for years because you didn’t realize that you had a genuine mental health need.

What Happens During Drug Therapy?

Soledad House therapists provide evidence-based treatment. This means that the modalities helped other women heal. These aren’t fads. Scientific studies show that they work.

Therapists present a grouping of highly effective therapeutic interventions. Of course, counselors customize their approaches to your needs. For example, not everyone needs family therapy. There’s no point in participating in a treatment that doesn’t apply to you.

Treatment options include the following:

The Importance of Trauma Treatment in Recovery

Our drug therapy program features eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). It’s a type of therapy that combines memory recall with sensory input. The goal is to deal with a situation that elicits overwhelming emotional responses. Examples of such events might include rape, incest, assault, or abandonment.

Many women view substance abuse as an escape. Drugs numb you. They quiet the memories and unwelcome emotions. However, they also destroy your health and ability to interact with others.

Because trauma is a significant contributing factor to drug use, dealing with it head-on is necessary. You don’t have to wait until you finish rehab. Instead, work on it concurrently. This drug therapy program assists with relapse prevention later on.

Sober Parties at the Rehab Facility

Many people view participation in drug therapy as a somber undertaking. However, that’s not entirely true. Sure, you work on issues that could be painful. Similarly, you struggle to gain the upper hand over strong emotions.

But there’s also a good bit of fun. Soledad House firmly believes in hosting fun activities like sober parties. You interact with peers and relearn how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. Most importantly, you begin to feel comfortable with your newfound sobriety.

These parties pave the way for having fun after you graduate from the program. You know how to enjoy the moment and wave away a drink someone offers you. Besides that, you relearn how to be with others when nobody’s using. For many women, that’s a new experience or one they haven’t had in years.

Spirituality Rounds out Recovery

Drug therapy is an excellent opportunity to undergo spiritual counseling. Spirituality isn’t the same as religion. There’s no philosophical rigidity. In contrast, it’s a belief that there’s something that bigger than you.

This notion fits in with the 12 Step program that participants at Soledad House can join. Remember that drug addiction doesn’t just affect the mind and body. It also harms the spirit. Therefore, it’s essential to address this aspect of healing during recovery as well.

Don’t wait any longer to make a lasting change in your life. Drug therapy at Soledad House can be fun and productive. Why suffer when you don’t have to? Call 866.314.3222 today.