In addiction, like other chronic diseases, the mind and body form a powerful team that can either aid healing or slow its progress dramatically. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has long been the hallmark therapy of rehab, but a more holistic approach is swiftly gaining traction. Contact Soledad House today at 866.314.3222 for holistic addiction treatment in California.

Why The Holistic Approach?

Traditional recovery centers around the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, also known as talk therapy, and drug regimens to bring about recovery. Some people respond really well to this model and have no problem reaching sobriety.

Others, however, prefer an approach that takes their mental, physical and spiritual health into account. The holistic approach does just that. It incorporates a person’s physical and spiritual health into mental health recovery.

Although it won’t replace the need for talk therapy or certain medications (for a co-occurring disorder, for example), holistic therapies are good supplements to traditional methods.

What Treatments Are Used In The Holistic Approach?

Holistic treatments revolve around relaxation. The aim is to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of physical well-being so that the body is better able to cope with the temptations and pressure of a sober life.

Some treatments include:

Where Can I Find A Holistic Approach To Recovery?

If you’re a woman searching for recovery with a holistic component, Soledad House is the place for you. We understand that not all addiction treatment programs are created equal and you may need more than just standard therapy.

Soledad House is located on Mount Soledad, just outside of La Jolla, California. Our 12-Step, faith-based approach integrates traditional therapies with spiritual activities to give our clients the best chance at sobriety.

Even if you’ve tried recovery before, we can help. Our private, serene setting may be just what you need to achieve sustainable sobriety.

Addiction doesn’t have to rule your life. Let us show you how to break free. Call us at 866.314.3222 and let us show you the way to sobriety.