When you have active alcohol or drug addiction, it can be difficult to admit there is a problem. If alcohol or substance abuse is causing negative effects on your life, it’s time to assess what treatment options are available to you. A woman can face unique challenges in addiction that require special attention. Addressing concerns that women face in addiction is instrumental to providing a path to a full recovery.

Soledad House offers highly effective treatment through our alcohol and women’s drug rehabilitation programs designed specifically for women. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of women in recovery. If you are a woman who wants to recover from addiction, our comprehensive substance abuse and relapse prevention programs might be right for you. We provide individualized treatment plans that will best nurture your growth along with the women in our community. Learn more by visiting us online or calling 866.314.3222. Soledad House is here to help you change your life.

11 Signs You Will Benefit From Women’s Drug Rehab

1. Lack of Control

When you have become powerless over your addiction, seeking treatment is the first step to regaining control of your life.

2. Unable to Quit

If you have the desire to quit but are unable to, professional help from women’s drug rehab is a trusted option in restoring your life from active addiction.

3. Cravings

Cravings typically fuel addiction and can cause you to use even under severe withdrawal symptoms.

4. Time, Energy, and Money Go Towards Substances

Finding yourself spending all of your time and money to secure your use of substances is a clear warning sign that drugs and alcohol have taken control of your life.

5. Lack of Responsibility

Drugs and alcohol have a way of absorbing your total focus. If you have given up on basic adult responsibilities, you may have become a victim of addiction. Lack of responsibilities could include:

Blaming others for substance abuse can make you feel helpless. Prolonged periods of helplessness have a monumental impact on self-esteem.
Inability to maintain the typical responsibilities that adults face on a day to day basis like paying bills or maintaining your automobile
If you have developed low self-esteem from neglecting your needs in active addiction, you could develop abusive or harmful relationships.

6. Trouble in Relationships

Addiction can affect your friends and family as well. Diminishing relationships can indicate that it is time to make a change.

7. Loss of Interest

Life should be filled with happiness and fulfillment. If neither are present in your life, a drug rehab center could teach you the skills to reconstruct a positive and healthy life without the presence of substances.

8. Dangerous Use

Dangerous use of alcohol or substances could create life-threatening circumstances. Prolonged use can cause detrimental physical and mental effects.

9. Worsening Situations

Examples of worsening situations could include going to jail or being involved in an automobile accident.

10. Tolerance

Drinking or using more over a period of time to produce any effects can imminently lead to a dangerous alcohol or substance abuse addiction.

11. Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Quitting “cold turkey” is dangerous. It is recommended to detox in a medically supervised setting.

Learn More About Our Women’s Drug Rehab at Soledad House

Soledad House is San Diego’s premier recovery center for women. Our effective women’s treatment programs are designed to treat drug and alcohol addiction in a healing environment. With a faith-based approach and a wide range of treatment therapies, we help our guests rebuild their life after addiction. Visit us online or call now at 866.314.3222 to learn more about Soledad House’s substance abuse treatment programs. We are here to help you achieve lifelong recovery!