Having a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can change your life for the worse. When the police file the charge, you could spend at least one night in jail. After your release, you could get treatment to avoid jail time. However, the court may require that you enroll in an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Overview of Programs for DUI

It’s normal for people to ask, “What are DUI treatment programs?” They’re mandatory prevention programs for those who receive DUI convictions. In most cases, they include an assessment, education, and treatment.

These programs could be part of probation or a suspended sentence that criminal court judges order. In addition to jail time, the treatment may reduce, replace, or eliminate stricter penalties such as license suspension and fines. Failing to complete a program puts you at risk of losing your driver’s license and facing further court action.

DUI Treatment Programs in California

Now you have a general answer to the question, “What are DUI treatment programs?” However, it’s helpful for California residents to understand the programs in their state. The Department of Health Care Services approves and monitors treatment centers and their programs for the task.

The Wet Reckless program is for people who receive a conviction for reckless driving after drinking. They have a measurable blood alcohol concentration (BAC), but it doesn’t exceed the legal limit. The program requires them to complete 12 hours of alcohol and drug education.

The First Offender program is for people who receive their first DUI conviction. Depending on their BAC, they have to enroll in three-month, six-month, or nine-month programs. Each person must complete 12 hours of education and 10 to 44 hours of group therapy and individual interviews. The court could add more hours to the program if it sees fit.

The 18-Month program is for people who receive a DUI conviction more than once. In addition to 12 hours of education, they must attend 52 hours of group therapy. They must also have individual interviews every other week and attend six hours of community monitoring. The court may require additional hours as well.

Finally, the court may require the completion of a 30-month program for three or more DUI convictions. The program has to include 12 hours of education and 78 hours of group therapy and individual interviews. Also, the court requires up to 300 hours of community service and may mandate extra services.

Seek Help Before DUI Changes Your Life

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