The path to addiction recovery can be long and challenging. Often a person addicted to a substance will have cycles of relapse, especially if the underlying cause of their addiction goes unidentified and unaddressed. Therefore, how can long-term recovery and sober living truly be ensured for those struggling with addiction? Spiritual addiction recovery—a holistic approach that addresses a person’s body, mind, and spirit—can help.

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Benefits of Spiritual Addiction Treatment

What are the benefits of spiritual addiction recovery? A spiritual approach is not the same as a religious practice. Spirituality can be a connection to a higher power, nature, or the self. Remember that individuals need not be religious to benefit from a spiritual approach.

Recovering from addiction can be a long challenging process. Ultimately, it’s a process of persons reclaiming their purpose in life. In a spiritual therapy approach, both external support and tailored therapeutic approach help the client develop inner strength and resources that will guide them going forward in the long-term.

When individuals enter a recovery program, they may feel that life isn’t worth living. A spiritual approach can help the individual find meaning again in their lives. This takes time and work from both the individual and therapist. Through working on your thoughts, feelings, community connections, self-care activities, and connection with religion or spirituality you get and stay sober and learn to live a more rewarding life with meaning.

Specific benefits of spiritual addiction treatment include:

A Sense of Community

Spiritually based group discussions with like-minded peers can help individuals feel that they’re not alone in their challenges. This will enable them to overcome any feelings of shame or doubt associated with addiction.


Connecting with others and a higher power, nature, or the deeper self can strengthen a person’s resolve and increase their resiliency when faced with setbacks, cravings, or stress.


A key part of the traditional 12-step process is honesty with self and the group about the harm that substance abuse may have caused others. This allows those in recovery to feel accountable for their commitment to long-term recovery. It also helps them understand that treatment is an individual choice, rather than a result of external pressure.

Spiritual Addiction Treatment at Soledad House

At Soledad House, we specialize in women’s addiction treatment, tailoring all of our programs specifically to meet the needs of women in recovery. Moreover, we use a unique holistic approach that honors each woman’s body, mind, and spirit. We provide access to many in-depth tools that promote healing from addiction, including:

We’re located on the beautiful California coast. Therefore, our center provides a sunny and healthy atmosphere that provides a key backdrop to the healing process.

Access to therapy designed to support the client’s unique needs is a key part of the recovery process from an addictive substance. Specific therapeutic approaches that complement the spiritual-based approach include:

Reclaim Your Life at Soledad House

The long journey to a successful recovery requires a substance abuse treatment center with a recovery program tailored to each unique individual. In addition, a spiritual approach can allow you to truly reclaim your life for the long term with the support of a team of experienced professionals.

There is no reason to let addiction decide how you live your life. Therefore, if you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, and seeking quality care, call us at 866.314.3222.