Sober Living in San Diego

Now that you’re back on the right track, you’ve probably considered adding a social life back into your routine. The good news is that you can benefit from a women’s sober living program in San Diego. The supportive housing offered by sober living homes can help you stay on track while you’re enjoying your social […]

3 Benefits of Spiritual Recovery Treatment for Addiction

The path to addiction recovery can be long and challenging. Often a person addicted to a substance will have cycles of relapse, especially if the underlying cause of their addiction goes unidentified and unaddressed. Therefore, how can long-term recovery and sober living truly be ensured for those struggling with addiction? Spiritual addiction recovery—a holistic approach […]

What’s the Difference Between CBT and DBT?

Many individuals suffering from addiction are, in reality using substances to cope with an untreated mental health issue. This is why in addiction treatment, a dual diagnosis approach is necessary for many individuals’ complete recovery. Two commonly used evidence-based therapies are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). CBT is a process-based approach for […]

Why Should Women Have Life Skills Training?

Substance abuse can quickly take over all aspects of life. Everything suffers, from finances and decision-making to relationships and self-care. Entering rehab is a great first step toward recovery, but it’s equally important to remember that life continues after the program. For this reason, developing real-world skills is an essential part of holistic addiction treatment. […]

How Spiritual Therapy Can Help Your Recovery

Many women experience feelings of loneliness or isolation when battling addiction. Without support, it’s hard to remember that countless others face similar struggles. Millions have succeeded in reclaiming their lives. For many, treatment including spiritual recovery from addiction, is very effective. This proven therapy allows clients to draw on their belief in a higher power […]

Am I Addicted to Benzos?

What are benzos? Benzos, or benzodiazepines, are widely prescribed medications that can come with a range of side effects, including the potential for addiction. Explore what benzos really are, what kind of drugs qualify as benzos, and how to get benzo addiction treatment today. Breaking free of benzo addiction is possible—find hope and a path […]

Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Addictions of any kind affect the lives of families, friends, and loved ones of those struggling with addiction. Often, the first step to addiction treatment and recovery is realizing the need for treatment and desiring change. The willingness to change patterns, break addictive cycles, and seek out addiction treatment and recovery programs can begin the […]

Recovery Meetings near Me

Support systems are often the key to addiction recovery. Group therapy provides solidarity, accountability and often helps those struggling with addiction realize that they are not alone in their addiction. For many, a local 12-step program or regular group recovery meeting serves as the foundation to recovery at any stage of life. Local group meetings […]

Top Signs of Codependency

The term “codependency” is often tossed around in conversations with a joking tone as people become more dependent on technology and the conveniences of our modern world. True codependency, however, is often at the root of the addiction and can take control of a person’s life without them noticing. Codependency puts a strain on a […]

What Can You Expect from the Best Rehab in San Diego?

When contemplating what steps to take to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, there are many different facilities and treatment options available. If you are a woman struggling with addiction, you may find that a woman-specific drug rehabilitation program is right for you. Having a gender-specific program creates a safe and comfortable experience […]