One reason why some people don’t seek treatment for addiction is that they fear what women’s drug rehabilitation will be like. They aren’t sure about how it works and what happens during daily life. Residential rehab centers follow a daily schedule that incorporates a range of activities and therapies. Understanding what that might look like could make people more comfortable getting help.

A Mock Schedule for Drug Rehabilitation

person looking out window needs drug rehabilitationThe schedules that rehab centers follow minimize stress and increase focus for the clients. The structure also helps them maintain a safe and supportive environment that promotes healing and recovery. Specific activities and counseling methods vary from one facility to the next. However, the overall day looks similar.


The day starts early to encourage healthy living habits that stay with clients after they leave treatment. Drug rehab centers that offer meditation or yoga often have a morning class. Next, the clients do a few chores and have a nutritious breakfast.

In most cases, group therapy sessions follow the first meal of the day. The focus is usually to achieve clarity for the day ahead. Individuals may participate in one or more sessions that last up to two hours.


Lunch gives clients a break to chat with peers outside of therapy. They might get free time afterward. During this time, they might read, write in a journal or enjoy physical activity. The activities that are available depend on the rehab centers’ amenities.

After some downtime, it’s time for the most intense parts of drug rehabilitation. An afternoon of therapy may include one-on-one, group or family sessions. The therapy in which each client participates depends on his or her specific needs.

Therapists typically use an array of behavior strategies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy. The goal is to teach clients new life skills and change their behaviors so that they can maintain sobriety. Experiential and exercise therapies could also be available to clients throughout the afternoon.


Dinner becomes a social activity for the evening. However, many drug rehab centers also provide access to support group meetings for those who wish to participate. The meetings usually follow the 12-step program and foster fellowship between clients.

Clients then go to bed at a reasonable hour to help them cultivate healthy sleeping habits. It teaches them how important sleep is to replenish and re-energize the body and mind. Getting enough sleep also makes them more alert for the following day of treatment.

Get Quality Addiction Rehab Now

Now that you have an idea of how rehab works, you may feel more comfortable and prepared to seek help. In San Diego, Soledad House provides addiction treatment for women. Along with a Christian rehab program, we offer several drug rehab services, including:

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